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King Charles III Visiting Kenya Before 2023 Ends

king charles iii kenya
Written by Teresa Mwangi

King Charles III of the United Kingdom will visit Kenya before the end of 2023.

It will mark his first African visit as king overseeing the British Monarchy following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The 74-year-old was recently coroneted at Westminster Abbey, in an event of its kind.

Queen Elizabeth took her last breath in September 2022 at Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire. Her passing gave Charles III – her eldest son – a chance to succeed her. He is the offspring of the late Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh who passed on a year before his wife.

Why is King Charles III Visiting Kenya?

According to UK media reports, the King Charles III Kenya visit is an attempt to make the Commonwealth a central component of his rule from the outset. English political pundits cite Kenya’s political, cultural and historical ties with the UK a major determinant for his Kenyan visit.

King Charles III coronation

King Charles III crowned. Photo/US Weekly

Most Commonwealth member states are former British protectorates. Here is a breakdown of why Kenya is of paramount importance to the British Empire.

Historical Connections

Up until its independence in 1963, Kenya was a British colony. With this shared history with the UK and other Commonwealth countries, cultural and diplomatic ties remain a shared feeling.

Regional Influence

Kenya is a major player in East Africa and as a Commonwealth member state, it shapes regional cooperation, trade, and political stability.

Economic Collaboration

Commonwealth’s cardinal objective is encouraging trade and economic cooperation among its member states. Thus, the Commonwealth’s facilitation of commercial linkages, investment possibilities, and knowledge exchange with other members promotes economic growth and development in Kenya.

Political Engagement

King Charles III Kenya trip has a political undertone. Nairobi participates in many conferences and summits as a Commonwealth member on bettering governance and political atmosphere.

Kenya now has a platform to participate in discussions around the world and work together to address governance and political issues. They include democracy and human rights.

Interpersonal Relations

The Commonwealth places a strong emphasis on intercultural dialogue and human relationships. By taking part in Commonwealth events like the Commonwealth Games, youth programmes, and educational initiatives; Kenya enhances its links with other member countries.

Does King Charles III Kenya Visit Have a Personal Value?

It is logical that King Charles III is planning to visit Kenya for the fifth time, albeit this will be his first as the British monarch king. Moreover, this East African country has a memento value to him.

The late Queen Elizabeth was at the Tree Tops Hotel in Kenya’s Aberdare Ranges in 1952 enjoying a vacation when her father King George VI died. She effectively became a British Queen and flew back to the UK to assume her role.

King charles iii coronation

King Charles III. Photo/The Quint

Then 25 years old and a princess; she was with Prince Philip enjoying the sceneries of the Aberdares National Park. Kenyans still have a special place in their hearts for her visit recollections.

As captured in episode two of the thrilling series – The Crown – a bubbly Elizabeth was busy snapping photos of rhinos. Her camera was in hand, and she had beautiful shots given her vantage point on the treehouse.

Then, Jim Corbett, one of her armed escorts broke the news of her father’s death.

Elizabeth was never supposed to be king, according to history. However, it all came about as a result of her older brother King Edward VIII’s choice to renounce the kingdom and wed a divorcee from the United States.

This rich history is among the reason the newly-coroneted British King is planning on visiting Kenya. Even Kenyan troops travelled to the UK to participate in a combined parade before the coronation.

The King Charles III will tour Kenya before travelling to France, according to multiple sources in the British media. His France trip was originally scheduled to take place in March but was postponed owing to security concerns.

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