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7 Popular Holiday Destinations in Tunisia to Visit in 2024

Sidi Bou Said
Written by Abraham Odhiambo

From incredibly beautiful beaches to ancient cities and forgotten villages, the popular holiday destinations in Tunisia have all you might be interested in. Located on the northernmost tip of Africa, Tunisia is the place to go if you love history, culture, and natural beauty.

Well, let me fill you in a secret, Tunisia is a gem and visiting the country is like unwrapping a package filled with treasures. There are numerous fantastic tourist destinations and plenty of things to do here. With that said, let’s take a look at 7 popular holiday destinations in Tunisia you should explore in 2024.

1. Djerba


Djerba. Photo/ Holiday Hypermarket.

From sandy beaches to traditional crafts and spas, there are plenty of reasons to visit Djerba. The island sits off the southern coast of Tunisia on the Gulf of Gabes and is known to be a haven for all-inclusive holidays. Here, there are beautiful museums showcasing the region’s unique heritage as well as vibrant street art villages that display traditions.

Djerba blends a fusion of African, Berber and Arabian cultures, which can be seen in the oriental flair of the island’s lively Arabian nights. During your trip, ensure you explore the thousand-year-old synagogue that indicates the presence of Jews in the region.

2. Carthage 

Once a mighty Phoenician city located in modern-day Tunisia, Carthage is a UNESCO World Heritage Site steeped in history and intrigue. It was founded in the 9th century and soon became a powerful maritime that rivaled the mighty Rome for dominance.

A visit to Carthage offers tourist a unique opportunity to step back in time and learn more about the intriguing history of this city. Some of the tourist attractions here include Saint Louis Cathedral, Carthage National Museum, Punic Ports of Carthage, Salammbo Tophe and Baths of Antoninus.

3. Sousse

Sousse is one of the popular holiday destinations in Tunisia you shouldn’t miss. One of the places to visit in this city is the UNESCO-listed Medina of Sousse, the treasure trove of stalls in the atmospheric souks. If you are a party lover, then Sousse should be on your bucket list, especially during summer as the clubs hire top professional DJs to entertain their clients.


Sousse. Photo/ Strong Cities Network.

4. Port El Kantaoui

Just north of Sousse is Port El Kantaoui, a tourist centre built in 1979 to be a package holiday hotspot. The upscale holiday resort of white buildings was inspired by traditional styles and is a fantastic spot to take pictures during your exploration.

5. Mahdia 

For those seeking pristine beaches, swimming, diving and lounging, Mahdia is the place to be in Tunisia. Besides laying on soft sand and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, Mahdia also allows you to immerse yourself in history by strolling through its ancient medina. Ensure you pass by Cairo Square, a stunning shaded square named after Egypt’s capital, and enjoy traditional Tunisian cuisine.

6. Tunis

Popular holiday destinations in Tunisia

Tunis. Photo/ KAYAK.

Well, you can’t talk about popular holiday destinations in Tunisia and fail to mention the country’s capital city, Tunis. This city offers a mix of the modern and old-world charm with its ancient architecture alongside modern infrastructure.

Its historic heart lies in the labyrinthine streets of the Medina of Tunis, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site where you will discover centuries-old architecture. During your trip, ensure you explore Zitouna Mosque  and Bardo National Museum, which houses an impressive collections of art and historical artifacts.

7. Sidi Bou Said 

Often referred to as the Blue and White Village, Sidi Bou Said is a charming town in Tunisia offering stunning views and a unique blend of cultural attractions that will leave you in awe. The town, which is located just a short drive from Tunis, is home to several art galleries and museums worth exploring.

Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said. Photo/ TripSavvy.

The coastal town is picturesque, thanks to the buildings adorned with cobalt blue doors and wrought-iron railings against a backdrop of brilliant white facades.

What Is the Most Visited Place in Tunisia?

The ancient city of Carthage is one of the most visited places in Tunisia. It is located near the modern-day capital, Tunis and is renowned for its archaeological treasures and historical significance.

Why Do Tourists Like Visiting Tunisia?

Tourists visit Tunisia every year because of the numerous attractions in the country and the friendly weather. According to The New York Times, the North African country is known for its golden beaches, sunny weather and affordable luxuries.

What Is the Most Popular Holiday Destination?

The top holiday destination in the world in 2023 was France. Alongside France, the Dominican Republic, Spain, and Italy continue to be in high demand, while Portugal and Brazil also joining the top 10 most popular holiday destinations across the globe.

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