6 Best Places To Visit In Zanzibar

Visiting Zanzibar
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Places to visit in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an all-time travel destination throughout the year. The archipelago is gorgeously magical and you see this all the time you look it up.

Dotted by stretching white, sandy beaches with a line of palm trees – you want it all for a lifetime. The Island along the East African coast is a classic example of paradise on earth.

The main island Zanzibar is further divided by smaller islets that make up the global prestige of this archipelago. Mnemba, Mafia, Pemba, and Chumbe islands are off the mainland otherwise known as Unguja.

Besides the islets, it is easier to find out where you want to visit based on geographical demarcation. For instance, the Northeast coast of Zanzibar is great for snorkeling while the North Coast is laid back.

Thus, do you ever ask yourself which part of this pristine island is best to stay? Worry not. This article delves deeper into the best places to consider visiting in Zanzibar.


Zanzibar. [Photo/Asilia Africa]

What Part of Zanzibar Is Best To Stay?

In general, Zanzibar’s travel experience is second to none. It is a place you want to return over and over again. Nonetheless, knowing what each coast area offers helps in making an informed decision.

Zanzibar coasts have different offerings for different people based on their personalities and travel demand. So, here is each coast with the best it offers to travelers.

Zanzibar Northeast Coast

You’ll find the best and most pristine beaches here. The Northeast coast is famous for its wide-ranging idyllic beaches that most travelers are looking out for.

It has over the year stamped its presence as the best are for exclusive beach lodges and hotels. More often than not, deep-pocketed travelers choose to vacation here.

Additionally, snorkeling is amazing in the Northeast part of Zanzibar due to its low tidal variation. It makes swimming so enjoyable and a fin affair. Secondly, the colorful coral reefs off Mnemba Island are half a mile offshore making it adventurous.

Zanzibar North Coast

The tidal range is at an absolute low. Tidal variation in the Indian Ocean is affected by the direction. The further up you go, the lower the tides get.

This area is less populated meaning, the crowds on its beaches are not there. It exudes an aura of deep privacy. It is a great honeymoon getaway or a romantic getaway where you are at spending quality time together.

Zanzibar East Coast

Places to visit in Zanzibar

Zanzibar East Coast. [Photo/Dhow Inn]

It is the ultimate place for swimming and snorkeling enthusiasts. Tidal waves are minimal – it also has some great accommodation facilities.

Zanzibar South Coast

The southern part of Zanzibar is more populated than the other areas of the island. The beauty of this all is that Zanzibar’s cultural diversity kicks in. There are more locals who you interact with – they are friendly too.

It is in the south-east that you also get the famous spice tours in vast spice farms bordering Stone Town.

Zanzibar South-east Coast

Beaches and all levels of resorts are in plenty in the southeast. With a higher tidal range, there are more water sports in the area which explains its high population.

Zanzibar West Coast

This is home to Stone Town – Zanzibar’s bubbly headquarters. Stone Town is the cultural hub of Zanzibar. A visit to Zanzibar is only fulfilling if you visit Stone Town otherwise the rest of the western coast feels a little bit remote.

When Is The Best Time To Go To Zanzibar?

July to September are the best months to visit Zanzibar. They are the dry months although Zanzibar’s temperatures are always high even during the rainy season.

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