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5 Easy Reasons to Visit Perfume Island Comoros

Perfume Island Comoros
Written by Abraham Odhiambo

Located in the Indian Ocean, the perfume Island Comoros is one of the less-known destinations in Africa that is  worth exploring. This secret paradise boasts miles of white sandy beaches, crystalline blue waters and an incredible diversity of wildlife. To top it off, moving around the country is just therapeutic as there are beautiful sleep towns, aromatic plant life and great scenic beauty.

Surprisingly, perfume island Comoros continues to receive a lower number of tourists compared to other islands in the Indian Ocean such as Zanzibar, Seychelles and Mauritius. This is mainly because of years of power struggles that have affected tourism in this unique archipelago. So travelling here isn’t that easy, but the natural attractions will make you want to stay for a few days. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should explore Comoros.

Why is Perfume Island Comoros Special?

The following five places make perfume island in Comoros a hidden African gem that you should visit.

1. The Volcano Giants Mount Karthala

Mount Karthala

Mount Karthala. Photo/

If there’s one thing that has been attracting tourists to perfume island Comoros over the years then it’s Mount Karthala. It is the most notable feature in the archipelago, thanks to its undeniable beauty and the fact that it’s one of the largest of its kind.

Mount Karthala is an active volcano that is popular for hiking, trekking and walking. The latest eruption swept down villages but did create a spectacular scene that is pleasing to the eyes. Ensure you reach the summit where there is some unique flora and fauna to be spotted.

2. Moheli Island 

Despite being the smallest of the four main islands in Comoros, Moheli is one of the reasons why you should visit perfume island Comoros. This natural beauty makes it one of the most fascinating destinations yet it remains unexplored. There’s a crater lake, a fishing village and a marine park boasting stunning coral reefs and a variety of marine wildlife, including green turtles.

3. Dziani Boundouni 

Situated right in the heart of Moheli island, Dziani Boundouni is a crater lake that attracts tourists to Comoros. The walk from Fomboni, which is the capital town, to the lake is pleasurable and soothing. It is one of the few freshwater lakes on the island and even though there are no large animals found here, you’ll get the opportunity to spot different species of birds.

4. Dos du Dragon


Dos Du Dragon. Photo/ Hors Frontieres.

Dos du Dragon is the name locals use to refer to a rocky protrusion extending out into the Indian Ocean on the Grande Comore island. No one knows how the jutting out started but the the area looks like a dragon that is underneath, making it a fantastic destination to explore.

5. Beaches

Well, you can’t talk about places to explore in Comoros without mentioning a few of the stunning beaches Comoros boasts. The archipelago is adorned with several beaches where you can just sit down, run your fingers through the sand and enjoy basking in the sun.

One of the most popular beaches is Chindini in Grande Comore. This family-friendly beach is surrounded by palm trees and has shallow waters, making it ideal for swimming. You can also play ball games in the sand with friends.

Chindini Beach

Chindini Beach. Photo/ Tripadvisor.

Why Is Comoros Called The Perfume Island?

Comoros has been referred to as the perfume island because it is the largest producer and processor of ylang-ylang, a plant that releases the oil used in the perfume industry. According to reports, about 80% of the world’s supply of ylang-ylang comes from Comoros.

Is Comoros An African Country?

Officially known as the Union of the Comoros, this archipelagic country is composed of three major islands in Southeastern Africa. The islands are Grande Comore, Moheli and Anjouan. The largest city in Comoros, which is also the capital, is Moroni.

Note that Comoros is a member of the Arab League and served as a key node in maritime trade networks connecting Eastern Africa to the Middle East and India. The languages spoken in Comoros are Arabic, French and Shikomoro. The population is a mixture of Arabs, Africans, Persians, Indians, Indonesians and Europeans.

Who Owns the Comoros Islands?

Apart from the three major islands, Comoros also has other islands, with one of them being Mayotte. According to Wikipedia, Mayotte voted against independence and is still governed by France.

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