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What to pack for a magical Kenyan safari

What to pack for a magical Kenyan safari
Written by See Africa Today

From hand-feeding giraffes at the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi to hiking in Mt. Kenya and game viewing in various national parks spread across the country, Kenya promises you nothing but the best for a fulfilling safari in the wild.

 However, even with all the glamour that comes with Kenyan safaris, packing the right things for a  Kenyan tour can be daunting. Nevertheless, the cardinal rule while packing for a trip to Kenya is that it should always be guided by the weather conditions. 

 A trip to the wild dictates that you don some light but comfortable clothing of neutral colours. You will also need insect repellents and long-sleeved shirts/t-shirts/ blouses to protect your skin. A handy pair of shoes is recommended to withstand the treacherous terrain of the hiking enthusiast. Sandals or soft rubber shoes are ideal for beach walks. Comfy casual pair of shoes are recommended for the nightlife of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. 

Elephants in Kenya

African elephants in a Kenyan national park. [Photo by Shoot Travel]

Most hotels have in house swimming pools, so do not forget to pack your swimming gear!

Generally, in many parts of the country save for the Coast region where temperatures are unusually high all day and night,  get chilly in the evening. Ensure you have some warm apparel such as a pair of jeans, cotton socks and a jacket. 

A First Aid Kit is also recommended while travelling to Kenya’s interior where most of the national parks and reserves are located. The kit should have painkillers, anti-allergy, antihistamines among others. Anti-malaria drugs/injections are advised. Flashlights, a camera and a portable charging converter should not be left behind.

Lastly, ensure your passport is safe. It will be stamped at the point of entry by immigration officials. Cards are widely accepted although the charges are high. Mostly, visitors use to exchange their currency to shillings, Kenya’s local currency.

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