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[Video] The Nigerian Nkwa umu-Agbogho traditional dance

The Nigerian Nkwa umu-Agbogho traditional dance
Written by See Africa Today

Nigeria is one of the countries in the African continent with an intriguing rich culture. Nigeria is divided into states with more than 300 ethnic tribes.  Each tribe has a specific cultural dance and attire to celebrate major events within the community.

Nkwa umu-Agbogho dance is symbolic with the people of Eboyin State and Igbo tribe. Locals have christened it the maiden dance performed by young women. They move their waist and chest seductively to attract male admirers. 

It is believed that the dance would help young girls to conserve their bodies and abstain from intimate relationships before marriage by keeping mind and body busy.

Here is the dance:

[Dance by Agbani-Nguru Ikorodo Ensemble]

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