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Why You Should Visit Africa Post-Pandemic

ions at South Africa’s Kruger National Park having a time of their lives with lockdown
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The pandemic has brought with it some very challenging times and has taken its toll on everyone throughout the world. Travel has been stopped and has been seen as a risk at this time.

The pandemic has brought with it some very challenging times and has taken its toll on everyone throughout the world. Travel has been stopped and has been seen as a risk at this time.

However, it will pass and people will be able to jump on a plane again and head off to some of the world’s best destinations. There is light at the end of this long dark pandemic tunnel, and Africa is one of those bright shining stars that should be on your post-pandemic travel list.

There are so many reasons why Africa is the best place to visit after the pandemic, especially after having gotten through it and there is no better place to go to celebrate life. With the vaccines being rolled out now, people will be able to travel soon.

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Africa has also been struck by the pandemic, and it has greatly affected the tourism industry. There has been very little to no activity over the last year. To get back on track hotels and tour operators have started working on their reopening packages. There will be great discounts for hotel stays, tours, and other tourist activities. There is no better time to travel to Africa than after the pandemic as this will be a great value for money.

Sustainable Tourism

The tourism industry in Africa has understood the importance of being more eco-friendly. By taking the right steps in preserving the natural environment around them and using sustainable methods they are also appealing to conscientious travellers.

The introduction of greening principles such as using more sustainable energy like solar has been adopted by many hotels across the continent, going paperless and resorting to using emails as a means for billing their clients has eradicated the use of paper. The industry is also looking to spread the sustainable culture by promoting local produce farmers who are also using sustainable farming methods and planting trees to help reduce carbon emissions.


After being locked up indoors for so long, some adventure and open-air will do you some good. Africa is full of adventure from Cape to Cairo. There is something for everyone. If you are looking for some heart-racing thrilling adventures then there is bungee jumping off the cliff of Victoria Falls, white water rafting on the Zambezi River even trying the “Gorge Swing”, which gets you swinging over fast terrifying rapids, will get your blood rushing.

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You can go diving in the Indian Ocean or spend nights in a game reserve camping, surrounded by all kinds of wildlife. The Safari Tours of the Serengeti and Mokolodi Nature Reserve in Botswana will leave you feeling like you have truly been one with nature. You can tour the mountains of Rwanda and see the “Gorillas in the Mist”.

If conquering a mountain is on your bucket list, then conquer Mt Kilimanjaro or trek up the Atlas Mountains and visit ancient ruins and feel their history. The adventures are endless and around every corner.

Culinary experience

If food is what gets you going then Africa is a foodie’s heaven. With the history across the African continent being an infusion of traditional food mixed with other cultures that came to settle during the colonial time it has left the continent with an array of cuisines. You will not be disappointed with the street food found in the open markets straight to the fine dining restaurants that are across the continent. From the north, you will find the spicy aromatic cuisine and as you work your way down south you will encounter dishes rich in whole grains, a variety of seafood, poultry, and cultured milk. You will leave with a newfound taste and a few recipes to go and try for yourself back home. 

The People

It doesn’t matter where you land on the continent you will meet down to earth loving people. When you need help there is always someone willing to assist with a smile on their face. They are friendly people who will make sure your visit is memorable and comfortable. Africans are generous and will share with you what little they have, and open up to you about their culture and you will leave with your heart full from the human interactions alone.

Different Cultures

Africa will give you the most cultural experience you have ever had. Each community will give you a different perspective as there are so many tribes and so many different languages. The diversity is rich and you can sit by the fire with one group of people and leave with so many stories. You will meet the Massai people in Kenya, the Bushmen in the south. The Ethiopian culture will leave you in awe of the people.

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No matter where you go to Africa you will not be disappointed. The landscape is beautiful, the sunsets and sunrises are like nowhere else. You can enjoy being in the great outdoors, even if you are just looking for a serene place, some beautiful peaceful beaches will rival those across the world. Post pandemic Africa is the place to visit because it has just what you need to live again.

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