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I Haven’t Forgotten About You, Idriss Elba Tells Sierra Leone

Idriss Elba
Written by Teresa Mwangi

Celebrated Hollywood actor Idriss Elba is on a mission to spruce up the African film landscape with two planned new film studios in Tanzania and Ghana. Having citizenship from Sierra Leone, his people are wondering why he is yet to set up a film studio here.

Elba was born in the UK to a Sierra Leonean father but Africa always fascinated him. Idriss Elba is of African descent. He was born in London, England, to parents from Sierra Leone and Ghana. That’s why he is at the heart of African development and there is nothing better than pushing for it than with film.  His African roots always send a notion that he needs to do more for his ancestral home.

Getting into the film industry also gave him a chance to connect with his African roots as he toured various African countries shooting different movies.

Ghana Studios

Idriss Elba

Idriss Elba with Ghanaian President Nan Akufo-Ado. Photo/YouTube

On February 3, Elba met Ghanaian President Akufo-Addo at Jubilee House and touched on his plans to build a modern film studio here. Idris Elba has disclosed that he and associates have done some preliminary work to facilitate the construction of a film studio in Ghana and throughout Africa.

The actor highlighted to President Akufo-Addo that while the film business in Africa has a lot of potential, facilities are inadequate. Elba is confident that the project would be strong and competitive once it is finished to entice filmmakers to select Ghana/Africa for their productions.

It’s something that he channeled his energies to for the last four years in getting a sound plan for the studio in Ghana. He feels it is at the right place and will help market West Africa but great facilities are lacking.

Idriss Elba on Sierra Leone Studios

Following his meeting with Ghana’s president over a film studio, his people from Sierra Leone are questioning why he is yet to ‘remember them’. However, he says that he hasn’t forgotten about his people from Sierra Leone and he has better things in store for them.

“African Governments move at their pace not mine but progress for ONE is progress for ALL. SL ???????? peeps don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you ….. My mother always told me this saying in krio….. Patient dog go eat fat bone,” he tweeted.

Idriss Elba Tanzania Studio

Idriss Elba

Idriss Elba. [Music in Africa]

For many Hollywood celebrities, the Serengeti National Park is one and only reason they visit East Africa. However, Idriss Elba Tanzania presence through a new film studio will change travel dynamics to Tanzania.

Zuhura Yunus the Presidential Communications Director made a public announcement about Elba’s new venture in Tanzania. Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu had a recent meeting with Elba’a wife, Sabrina Dhowre Elba at the sidelines of the 53rd World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The new film studio by the British actor will serve East and Central Africa in upping their film capacity. He told South Africa’s publication SA People in an interview that his intent is creating more movies in Africa. The British actor also wants to assist in the growth of the continent’s film industry. Having the studio in Tanzania will push his dream a notch higher in seeing this happen. The 49-year-old actor recently starred in the brand-new picture “Beast,” filmed in South Africa.

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