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Luxurious Eco-lodge Envi Lodges Opening First Property in Zanzibar

ENVI paje zanzibar
Written by Teresa Mwangi

Luxurious eco-lodges brand ENVI Lodges is all set in running its first property in Africa – ENVI Paje – situated in Zanzibar along Paje Island.

The luxurious holiday property brand entered into a deal allowing it to invest in a sustainable beachside property in Zanzibar’s Paje Island. It will offer an immersive barefoot luxury experience in Paje which is symbolic for its serenity and fascinating beauty. ENVI Paje features 25 low-impact villas with private pools, all tucked between lush palm vegetation and the shores of a pristine beach.

This eco-lodge will also have a specialty restaurant with a communal deck, lounge and an infinity pool in the middle. This setting sets an ambience for a serene meeting space where guests can have a tete-a-tete while resting.

When Will ENVI Paje Open?

ENVI paje zanzibar

ENVI Lodges Saudi Arabia. Photo/ Hospitality News Middle East

ENVI Paje will open in December 2024, marking a huge milestone for the brand as its first project in Africa project. It is in line with its expansion in the African market with strategic significance for the company. Zanzibar emerged as the best pick for its debut property because it is the heartbeat of East Africa’s tourism. This archipelago features a unique blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty ranking as a top travel destination in 2023 by Travelers Worldwide.

In a statement, ENVI Lodges Co-founder Chris Nader said the brand’s entry in Africa is an important milestone for them. Their sole purpose is to offer more for better rates and unforgettable moments focusing on mental and physical fitness, relaxation and climate control.

“Entering the African continent signifies a crucial milestone for ENVI Lodges, so we want to get this right. We are designing the project to offer our guests a very intimate and laid-back experience, focusing on wellbeing, slow food and fitness,” Nader stated.

“We want to respect the environment where this lodge will be developed and are working closely with the various stakeholders to minimise our footprint on the land, to preserve the majestic palm trees, and to protect the white-sandy beach for which Paje is known,” he added.

How Will ENVI Lodges Implement The Project?

The project will adhere to ENVI’s sustainability requirements for the environment, community, and culture, making it an environmentally responsible development. These requirements cover using sustainable energy sources and using locally sourced materials while building. Assuring fresh, farm-to-table meals, the on-site chef’s garden will increase the lodge’s sustainable profile.

The broad list of experiences offered by the ecolodge will include everything from serene beachfront yoga classes and customized spa services to kitesurfing and other daring water sports.

Riad Welly, who is the other proprietor of ENVI Lodges remarked that ENVI Paje aligns with the vision of the company. Its aim is to redefine the face of hospitality in Zanzibar through luxury dabbling in wellness and sustainability.

About ENVI Lodges

Being at one with nature is the ultimate luxury, and ENVI LODGES was founded by travellers who understand this. Of course from the comfort of luxurious lodgings. With a culture built on the knowledge of keeping the environment clean, the company integrates the best aspects of both worlds. Luxurious lodges blend in with their surroundings, sensory-refreshing immersive experiences, and environmentally friendly methods in all its operations.

Additionally, ENVI Paje marks an important step in its continental diversification portfolio having run a similar brand in South America, and the Middle East. Therefore; this new eco-lodge in Zanzibar, Africa supports ENVI Lodges’ objective to improve the hospitality industry by charting a more sustainable course that prioritizes the welfare of people and the environment.


ENVI Lodges Middle East. Photo/Travel Daily NEws

What to Expect at ENVI Paje in Zanzibar

You can enjoy all the high-end, luxury amenities while resting easy. Behind the scenes, the lodge sets things up to reduce water consumption and energy waste. It has a recycling, upcycle plan and the continued use of sustainable practices all the time. Further, the lodge takes seriously its duty to preserve every breathtaking scene or amazing wildlife sighting you get to experience. It safeguards wildlife, maintains the local species, and causes the least amount of disruption possible when developing its lodges.

Moreover, expect an authentic local experience, up close and personal, from the dishes you taste to the services you get. You enjoy fresh, in-season foods while minimizing emissions and food waste. All food cooked in its lodges comes directly from local farmers and fishermen within the vicinity of the lodge.

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