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5 Ancient Egyptian Healing Methods To Find Wellness

5 Ancient Egyptian Diseases
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Ancient Egyptian Diseases, Medicine Treatments And Method In 2020

We are living in some difficult times and it is hard to find what you need to feel 100% again. You may be struggling with physical conditions or mental conditions brought on by so many things. Even just stress has brought people down especially in these Covid-19 days. There is a lot of healing that needs to be done, the body needs to heal from illness or strain and emotionally you also need to find healing from loss, stress, worry or anxiety. Did you know that travel can be therapeutic, specifically travel to places that cater to wellness and healing? Egypt is not just about Pyramids and ancient cities or relics. There are special places in Egypt’s deserts and coasts that provide healing treatments. Carried through centuries, the Egyptians have used many healing techniques that are natural and right at their fingertips here are some of them.


Red Sea therapy

The Red Sea is one of the purest seas on earth. Where it is situated ensure that very little pollution reaches it making its composition clean and pure. It has become a very popular site for Wellness Spas that offer treatments for various skin conditions and blood circulation issues. The reef is untouched and the water has a high concentration of saline. Treatments make use of the water, the seaweed, the sea mud and any natural materials they can get from the Sea. The water is pleasant, warm making swimming in it a pleasure. Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation in the body, psoriasis, eczema, and respiratory conditions have found great benefits in taking a dip in the Red Sea waters. One such spa that carries these treatments is called the Cascades in Soma Bay ( 

Black Sand Treatment in Safaga

The Red Sea Riviera makes for a good holiday place with its lovely weather all year round, white sandy beaches, diving facilities and just a good place to go and forget it all. But most importantly it is known for its Black Sand treatment in Safaga. The black sand that is found here is said to have non-toxic radioactive elements which help with arthritis and other joint conditions. The sand is also rich in gold salt, uranium, thorium, potassium and healing salts and minerals. It is also known to help with skin conditions as well.


Hot Springs in Siwa

Egypt is known for its hot springs which are rich with minerals that are beneficial to wellness. The Siwa Oasis is one such a spring. It has gained popularity over the years and many people swear by it. The spring is known to make one feel rejuvenated and give them a new lease of life. The hot mineral water is said to be good for chronic digestive diseases, gout, diabetes, other types of arthritis, Hypertension and skin diseases.


Sand bath in Siwa

This one is a bit of a stretch and might seem a bit strange, but the benefits have been seen. What happens with the Sand bath is people are buried in the sand from the neck down. The sand will be hot and as this might sound crazy the heat is seen to help with detoxification, boosted immunity, and improvements in blood circulation, fertility, heart function, and cholesterol levels. This treatment is recommended for 10-15 minutes and over 3- 5 days. It is led by trained health professionals and after you are unearthed you are dressed in warm clothes and given a warm drink and also encouraged to rest. 


Mud baths in Wadi Assal 

Mud baths are not new, but usually, we hear of mud bath for beauty therapies. This is a similar concept but for healing ailments. The mud baths are located in Ras Sudr on the Sinai peninsula. The mud is rich in minerals and it comes from a hot spring and the temperature of the spring is almost 50 degrees Celsius. This might make one cringe at the idea of how hot the mud might be but it has been seen to help with inflammatory conditions. The mineral found in the mud has anti-inflammation properties which help with conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, skin conditions and muscle pain. The patient is required to cover themselves with the mud and then take a dip in the hot spring for half an hour. The locals swear by this and partake in this treatment regularly. 


The ancient Egyptians were always seen as people ahead of their time, with practices that are still used in this time and seen as very beneficial. Taking some time out to travel for wellness purposes can change your life. You will not only find more natural ways of treating your condition but you will also have your mind open to other cultures, and traditions while also seeing the world and healing. I recommend you book your ticket to Egypt now. 


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