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10 Best Foodie Places Tunisia Every Should Explore

best foodie places tunisia
Written by See Africa Today

Top 10 Best Foodie Places Tunisia You Should Explore It.

Tunisia, fringed with thousand kilometres of prime Mediterranean coastline and blessed with a sun-drenched interior, may not be the first place to come to mind as a destination for food-driven tourists, but its foodie cred stretches all the way back to the ancient Romans who declared this fertile agricultural land as the breadbasket of their empire. Nowadays a lot of places around the world deliver under-the-radar food and drink experiences to entice any epicurean if you know where to point your palate.

Engage your senses at a local market


Every town and town in Tunisia has a market where local produce is sold and that should be your first port of call, preferably first thing in the morning. The hustle and bustle of these markets give you a snapshot of daily life and stimulates your senses. Above the cacophony of vendors shouting out the prices of their products, the heady scents of the spice market will pick up your nostrils as crowds of shoppers stock up on supplies for soon-to-be-prepared meals. Feast your eyes on the rainbow of fruit and vegetables, beautifully lined stacks of vibrant spices and woven baskets full of chickpeas, lentils, olives and almonds.

Enjoy a Traditional Tunisian Meal at a Dar


Nothing beats the tastes of home-cooked food, no matter where you are in the world, and Tunisian cuisine is rich, aromatic and far more varied than the small tourist menus of the normal couscous, kebab and brick a l’oeuf (a thin pastry filled with egg yolk) found in most restaurants. Instead, try a home-cooked Tunisian meal at a typical dar hotel.

Sample Tunisian wine with a slice of history

Tunisia has a long tradition of winemaking that dates back to the Phoenician period and the foundation of Carthage. Its seven major wine-producing regions are clustered in the north of the country, each with its own particularities or terroir. Rosé fans will be pleasantly surprised as it is the most popular form of wine produced in Tunisia.

Taste Tunisia’s excellent olive oil

Olive oil is another legacy of the Carthaginian history of Tunisia. You can’t skip the agricultural value of the olive tree when you’re passing through Tunisia. More than a third of the country is occupied by olive groves and olive oil is one of the most exported agricultural products. The olives have been pressed for oil here for more than two centuries, and more than a dozen olive varieties are native to Tunisia, as well as other varieties that have been introduced from Italy and Greece. 

Visit an Educational Organic Farm

Organic agriculture is growing significantly in Tunisia, and the country is now the second-largest exporter of organic produce in Africa, and ecotourism is increasing in popularity as organic farms open their doors to nature lovers.



L’Heredium in Tebourba, 35km west of Tunis, is a family-run organic farm open to visitors every Sunday from September to June and is a common day trip with local families looking for a city-life break. On this educational farm, visitors are taught about organic farming practices and share a meal of local dishes prepared with seasonal organic fruits, vegetables and grains grown there. A pleasant whitewashed farmhouse with a crimson tile roof and powder-blue windows and doors dominate the estate set in 10 hectares with vineyards of centuries-old olive trees.

Tunisian Private Market Tour and Cooking Class in Douz

Learn how to prepare Tunisian meals for a cooking class in the outskirts of Douz. Make a real couscous, bake local bread, and learn the secrets of couscous. Then sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labour under the fragrance of trees.

Tunis Night Food Tour

In order to appreciate the true taste of Tunisia, you have to try a Tunisian food tour, discover the off-road spots in Tunisia that are off the beaten track. These food tours offer an unforgettable and wonderful experience in one of the oldest cultures and cuisines in the Mediterranean. Find some of the best places to eat and enjoy several delicious food tastings. Become a Tunisian culinary expert and learn how to spot fake stuff from the real stuff!

Mornag Half-Day wine tasting tour from Tunis

Tunisia is renowned worldwide for producing crowd-pleasing and award-winning wines. This half-day tour brings you to the cradle of this magnificent wine region. On the tour, your guide will share with you the story of how the Tunisian wine industry has come to be. You will start your morning or afternoon tour with a complimentary pick-up from your hotel in Tunis before heading to Mornag. You’ll have a wine tasting, as well as a wine and cheese tasting. After that you can take a guided tour of the charming vineyards of Mornag. Your next wine experience will be a guided tour of the winery, where you will take in the atmosphere created by the enumerable amount of soon-to-be-wine aging in barrels and tanks. When you’ve had a lot of touring and tasting, you’ll have a chance to buy the wine you’ve sampled and more. This excellent tour and tasting experience cannot be skipped for wine lovers of all ages.

Half-Day Traditional Tunisian Cuisine Cooking Class in Tunis

Essential Guide to Tunisian Food

Discover the secrets of traditional Tunisian cuisine in a private cooking class with a local chef. Enjoy a fully customized experience, choose the dishes you want to prepare, and pick up tips and techniques that will help you recreate them back home. Get involved with the whole operation, from shopping for fresh ingredients on the local market to sharing your home-cooked lunch with your host.  Authentic local experience with a Tunisian chef at her home Private cooking class tailored to your tastes and skill Delicious home-cooked lunch of traditional Tunisian cuisine Hassle-free pickup and drop-off from your Tunis hotel  

Tunisian street food

Tunisian street food is enough to make even the hottest eater want more. Influenced by cultural origins spanning many cultures, there’s plenty to sample. Countless varieties of traditional Tunisian street food out there, but there’s a handful of classics you’ll find in just about every city in the world.

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