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9 Exciting Places to Visit in Nigeria

Ibeno Beach
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Nigeria is a country of beauty, culture, and natural wonder. The exciting places with natural landmarks and wildlife reserves play true to this testament.

Visit Nigeria and observe the local lifestyle in its raw and authentic form. From Victoria Island to the presidential complex, there are countless experiences you can immerse yourself in, along with authentic cuisines that uncover a whole new world of flavors.

Expect to explore pre-colonial era history sites unheard of in most travel guides, and current UNESCO Heritage sites. We have curated a list of the most exciting places to visit in Nigeria to help you plan an enjoyable itinerary possible.

  1. Yankari National Park

Yankarri Game reserve

Yankarri Game reserve. Photo/Kaynuli

Yankari National Park is home to majestic wildlife in Nigeria, such as the African bush elephants, the West African lion, the African buffalo, and many others.

Other top attractions in the park include the Mawulgo, Wikki, Dimmil, Gwana Warm Springs, the Marshall Caves, and the Dukkey Wells.

Besides wildlife, Yankari National Park has something to offer for everyone. The must-see attractions in the park include paintings and engravings on rocks such as the Tunga Dutse.

While on a safari, you can watch different animals in their natural habit, swim in the warm, soothing waters of the Wikki springs, enjoy plenty of history at the on-site museum, and stay overnight at Wikki Camp.

  1. Cross River National Park

Cross River National Park

Cross River National Park. Photo/The New York Times

Because of its vastness and beauty, Cross River National Park is often regarded as ‘the African Amazon.’ The park is one of the richest tropical rainforests in Nigeria and the biodiversity of this natural wonder is well known.

Cross River National Park is also home to a variety of animal species, such as gorillas, chimpanzees, and drill, among others. If you’re in luck, you can also spot leopards, baboons, and buffaloes in the forest.

The Agbokim and qua waterfalls are the park’s must-see natural wonders magnificent to lay eyes on.

  1. Gashaka-Gumti National Park

Gashaka-Gumti National Park is Nigeria’s largest park. The park is renowned for its unique biodiversity with luscious forests, grasslands, and wondrous valleys. The Park is also home to the highest mountain in Nigeria called Chappal Waddi and has the largest chimp population.

Inside the park, you can also spot rare animal species such as the African elephant, Adamawa mountain reedbuck, antelope, hippos, buffalo, several bird species, not forgetting the rare plants such as the red sunbird bush.

  1. Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain Resort. Photo/

Obudu Mountain Resort is an exciting place to visit with one of the most picturesque and amazing views you’ll ever see.

It is on the Obudu Plateau within a short distance of Cameroon. If you’re looking for an exciting adventure in a serene environment, this resort is the best place to be.

Enjoy Angel’s View, the Grotto, the presidential Villa, and many other magnificent places.

  1. Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort

Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort

Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort. Photo/The Guardian News Nigeria

Have you ever heard of a place where warm springs and cold springs form a confluence? This amazing wonder of nature is called the Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort.

The most fascinating aspect of this natural phenomenon is that the springs do not mix, yet they somehow keep their thermal qualities.

Decorated with thick vegetation and thrilling landscapes, Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort is a perfect place for nature lovers. It is no wonder tourists flock to this beautiful resort for a filling of nature’s gifts annually.

  1. Oke Idanre/Idanre Hill

Oke Idanre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a cluster of gigantic hills, an absolute marvel to behold. The hills completely encircle Idanre town and are visible from every angle. Along with their beauty, the hills are entrenched in the history of Idanre indigenes and have many Nigerian myths. The hills are a genuine wonder you cannot miss that sometimes appears to touch the sky.

To reach the peak of the hill you have to climb a 3000-feet-tall staircase, an ideal spot for fun lovers, hikers, and adventure seekers. The King’s Palace is another exciting attraction while at the Oke Idanre hill.

  1. Zuma Rock

Zuma Rock

Zuma Rock. Photo/Transcorp Hotel PLC

West of Abuja peacefully lays Zuma Rock, a mighty monolith that reaches an impressive 725m, or under 2,400ft, in height.

Zuma Rock has a natural runoff of water that left the surface of the rock with a human-like facial feature imprinted, with features that look like, mouth, nose, and eyes. During the rainy season, the rock gets alight with fire caused by the friction of moving rocks.

The Rock is also deeply rooted in Nigeria’s history, and today it features on one of Nigeria’s banknotes.

  1. Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach is around thirty-three kilometres away from the Nigerian border and the Republic of Benin. Coconut trees flank this utterly beautiful beach.

The beach is ideal for a weekend getaway. Enjoy the enthralling and vibrant scenery, allowing the ocean breeze to soothe you. Marvel at the magnificent blue sky as the sun kisses your skin. If the sun is too much to handle, you can enjoy the comfortable and cool shade under the coconut trees.

  1. Ibeno Beach

Ibeno Beach

Ibeno Beach. Photo/The Guardian News Nigeria

With a 45-meter-long stretch from Ibeno to James Town, Ibeno beach is the longest beach in Africa. The beach is one of the most popular beaches in Nigeria, ideal for energetic tourists and thrill-seekers, looking for plenty of exciting things to do. Ibeno beach treats you to an amazing view of the coastline lapping the waters of the Gulf of Guinea.

At Ibeno beach, watch or take part in several water sports, such as archery, beach soccer, boat rides, canoeing, kayaking, and many more activities.

Ibeno beach is the most exciting destination for weekend getaways, perfect for couples, families, and sports enthusiasts alike.

Whether you are eager to try new dishes, embrace different cultures, or experience awe-inspiring feats of nature, Nigeria has something exciting for everyone. These exciting places should be on any travel itinerary for a trip full of awe, beauty, and elegance that will create memories to last a lifetime.

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