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5 Elegant Places In Rwanda With Breathtaking Sceneries

Written by Abraham Odhiambo

The most beautiful places in Rwanda provide scenery seekers with all they need to see while on vacation. That’s because much of Rwanda is endowed with beautiful and fascinating attractions. 

From wondrous wildlife and breathtaking vistas to magnificent plant species, the land of a thousand hills has it all. Well, how else can we describe Rwanda if not a small paradise on earth? 

Rwanda is located in the heart of Africa, bordered by four countries; Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

The landlocked country in East Africa is one of the countries which has embraced peace and prosperity despite having a turbulent past. And that gives you a reason to visit the most beautiful places in Rwanda. 

1. Akagera National Park

The Akagera National Park is home to some of the most impressive animals in the world. A visit to the savannas allows you to see elephants, leopards, buffaloes, baboons and hyenas, among other animals.

Akagera National park

Akagera National Park. Photo/ Africa Odyssey.

According to reports, Rwanda’s government has plans to reintroduce black rhinos and lions at the park since it has succeeded in strengthening poaching rules. 

Apart from the wildlife, Akagera National Park also provides a stunning view of the tree-fringed lakes, mountains and green grasslands. And there is more to see in one of the most beautiful places in Rwanda. 

2. Mount Bisoke 

Mount Bisoke is a must-visit for anyone planning a vacation to Rwanda. The active volcano, which is on the border of The Democratic Republic of Congo, is found in one of Rwanda’s most scenic areas. 

A trek to the top of the mountain might be tedious, but the view afterwards is well worth it. You can clearly see the splendid vistas of the crater lake before descending through a track which allows you to see wonderful views of the Parc National des Virungas. 

3. Lake Kivu 

Lake Kivu is one of the most beautiful places in Rwanda for scenery seekers to visit. The lake boasts tropical vegetation and picturesque which make it a perfect destination.

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu. Photo/ Encyclopedia Britannica.

Lake Kivu is one of the three exploding lakes in the world which experiences limnic eruptions. However, there have been no recorded eruptions from the lake in recent years. 

Tourists visiting the large water body are likely to feel the smell of combusting methane. 

4. Nyungwe Forest National Park 

Rwanda boasts one of Africa’s last remaining high-altitude tropical rainforests, Nyungwe Forest National Park. The park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Rwanda. 

USAID and DAI are among the top organizations which support Nyungwe. 

The forest, which is one of the most diverse worldwide, has over 1080 plant species. It is home to 250 Albertine Rift Endemic bird types, which attract bird-watchers from all over the world. 

A trip to Nyungwe includes a high canopy walk, allowing visitors to see the treetops.

Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda. Photo/ Discover Africa Safaris.

5. Gishwati Forest 

Despite suffering massive destruction as a result of cattle ranching, the Gishwati forest is still one of the most beautiful places in Rwanda.

The forest, which was partly home to post-genocide refugees, houses over 1450 bird species. It is made up of over 50 species of trees, including bamboo and indigenous hardwoods. 

A visit to the forest with a tour guide gives you the opportunity to see the golden monkeys, groups of chimpanzees and waterfalls.

Gishwati forest

Gishwati forest. Photo/ Wikimedia Commons.

Is Rwanda a Beautiful Place? 

Rwanda is blessed with incredible wildlife, extraordinary biodiversity as well as stunning scenery. The East African country also has warm and friendly people who are often ready to interact with visitors. 

The land of a thousand hills boasts sweeping plains, mountain rainforests and volcanoes.  

Is Rwanda a Good Tourist Destination? 

The World Economic Forum recently voted Rwanda as Africa’s safest country and the world’s ninth-safest country. Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, boasts one of the lowest crime rates of any African city. 

Tourists visiting Rwanda can continue strolling along the park-lined boulevards even after the sun sinks beneath the distant hills.

What is Rwanda famous for?

Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills, is famous for its rare mountain gorillas. Over 400 of the primates roam freely in the rainforests of Volcanoes National Park. And there is more to see in Rwanda. 

What is the Best Place to Live in Rwanda? 

Kacyiru and Kimihurura are the best places to live in Rwanda if you’re moving to the East African country. They are a few minutes from town and have the best restaurants, bars and nightclubs. 

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