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Discover The Traditional Customs Of An Igbo Man’s Love

when an igbo man loves a woman
Written by Teresa Mwangi

Nigerian men are the epitome of love and what every Nigerian household should have. When an Igbo man loves a woman, the community is more than happy because it is a way of appeasing their ancestors.

Igbo culture strongly emphasises family and community, and men are responsible and supportive members of their families. Over and above this, they have a duty to love and cherish their wives selflessly

The traditional norms of this Naija tribe also view them as leaders and decision-makers in the families. However, it’s important to note that cultural norms and expectations can vary among individuals and may not apply to all Igbo men.

What Are The Characteristics Of Igbo Men?

Igo men

Igo men. Photo/Piniterest

When an Igbo man loves a woman, expect a true representation of a provider, a protector and leader of their family. Ideally, these five attributes define an Igbo man.


Igbo men are considerate. They hold the woman they are married to in high regard and will go to great lengths to appease them. A typical Igbo man’s wife is the yardstick of his wealth.

An Igbo man will always want his spouse to wear the greatest clothing in society. They garner a lot of respect by how they treat their wives, and for those who can, their wives cruise in posh cars.

They Value Responsibility and Hardwork

When an Igbo man loves a woman, he never shies away from responsibility. He puts in a lot of effort to make a good living for his family, and they have a reputation for being savvy businessmen in Nigeria.

Women desire men who will help them achieve their goals and maintain the stability of a family.

They’re Financially Well-off

The most surprising thing about an Igbo man is that a container shipment is always coming his way. In short, these men are never broke. Their business acumen allows them to invest as much as possible and enjoy this wealth graciously.

Yet, Nigerian women adore the thought of being with a man who’s aware of his obligations to them.

Igbo Men are Protective

Igbo men are guardians of their loved ones. They are fierce protectors of their wives and children, and women deeply resonate with attributes.

Learned and Well-travelled

Two things stand out. An Igbo man by default, is learned and well-travelled due to business and academic exploits. That’s something to envy them about.

How Do Igbo Men Treat Their Wife?

In traditional Igbo culture, men are expected to be the providers and protectors of their families and treat their wives with respect and kindness. Igbo men must take a leadership role in the household and make decisions for the family.

The whole aspect of hailing from this community comes with a special light.

How To Make An Igbo Girl Fall In Love With You?

It’s interesting when an Igbo man loves a woman, but it is not always easy. Nevertheless, some ways to potentially build a connection with an Igbo girl include the following things.

  1. Showing genuine interest in her culture and traditions and taking the time to learn more about her background.
  2. Being respectful and kind towards her and her family.
  3. Communicating honestly and openly with her, and being a good listener.
  4. Being a responsible and dependable person, and showing that you are someone she can trust and rely on.
  5. Being romantic and thoughtful and doing small things to show her that she is unique to you.

What Are The Taboos In Igbo Culture?

In Igbo culture, several taboos are considered to be unacceptable or forbidden. Some examples include:

  • Disrespecting or insulting one’s elders or ancestors
  • Eating or drinking from the same plate or cup as someone who is considered to be ritually impure, such as a woman who is menstruating or a person who has recently been in contact with a corpse
  • Using or handling objects that are considered to be sacred, such as the ritual artefacts used in religious ceremonies, without proper training or permission
  • Interfering in the affairs of a person who has undergone the “Igbo title taking” rituals
  • Eating certain types of food that are believed to be harmful to the body and the soul
  • Speaking ill of the dead.
  • Disrespecting the community’s customs and tradition
  • Failure to observe the traditional rituals and customs
when an igbo man loves a woman

Igbo wedding ceremony. Photo/Umu Igbo Unite

How Do Igbos Marry?

Igbo traditional marriage customs involve a series of rituals and ceremonies lasting several days. These include the following:

  • A formal introduction of the groom and his family to the bride’s family
  • The traditional engagement ceremony
  • The traditional wedding ceremony
  • The groom’s family pays a bride price to the bride’s family, which may include money, gifts, and other items

There is also a traditional rite of passage that the bride must go through before the wedding, which involves being trained in the customs and traditions of her new family. In a nutshell, a traditional Igbo wedding is a very elaborate and colourful event, filled with music, dancing, and feasting.

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