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Winnie Nwagi, One of Uganda’s Most Popular Artists

Winnie Nwagi
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Winnie Nakwanwagi, alias Winnie Nwagi, is a Ugandan artist, songwriter and actress signed to Swangz Avenue’s top record. She is currently one of the biggest music stars in Uganda and has caught the attention of music lovers beyond her country’s borders.

From being raised by a single father and later kicked out after getting pregnant to being a sought-after performer in East Africa, Winnie Nwagi’s story is worth a read. Becoming a star is something she has really worked hard for over the years and totally deserves it. Here, we bring you the full story of popular Ugandan artist Winnie Nwagi and everything you have wanted to know about her.

Where Is Winnie Nwagi From?

Winnie Nwagi was born in Namasuba, one of the commercial towns in Kampala. She spent her entire childhood in the suburb together with her family.

What Is the History of Winnie Nwagi?

From being chased at home by her father to having a child at a young age, Ugandan artist Winnie Nwagi has an amazing story. To start with, Nwagi was born on the 20th of July in 1989 to Mr. Henry Kabiito and Mrs. Sarah Namuddu. She has only one sibling, an elder brother named Bob Lwalanda.

Winnie Nwagi

Winnie Nwagi. Photo/ Nis Page.

Winnie lost her mother at a very young age. According to sources, she was only in primary four when her mother passed away. The ‘Musawo’ hit maker completed her elementary school education at St. Agnes Nagglama Primary School and then joined East High School for her secondary school education.

However, things fell apart between Winnie Nwagi and her father when she became pregnant. She was in her final year in high school when her father refused to pay her tuition fees and even chased her away.

Growing up, Nwagi always wanted to be a TV news anchor and had greatly admired UTV’s presenter Bbale Francis. However, she also had a passion for music and used to sing in school concerts and parties doing covers of popular songs. Once her father kicked her out, Nwagi decided to try her luck in music. She first had brief stints at MTN and Good Coffee Africa, working in the sales department of the latter organization.

After years of uncertainty, luck struck when she signed up for a talent search reality TV show. Winnie would finish second runner-up in the Coca-Cola Next Rated competition, getting the attention of Producer Benon Mugumbya, who offered her a contract at the record label Swangz Avenue.

Winnie Nwagi

Winnie Nwagi writes and performs erotic music. Photo/ Sqoop.

Winnie Nwagi’s Breakthrough

In 2016, Winnie Nwagi released her first single titled ‘Embela’. She had her breakthrough a few months later when she dropped ‘Musawo’. Produced by Dan Ku Mapeesa, the single turned out to be a big hit in Uganda. In just one year of her emergence, Ugandan artist Winnie Nwagi won numerous awards, including Breakout Artist and Song of the Year.

Winnie would later release other songs such as ‘Katono Katono’, ‘Kyowulila’, ‘Embeera’ and ‘Gwenoonya’. She is currently one of the most followed artists in Uganda and has been a brand ambassador to a number of companies

Does Winnie Nwagi Have a Child?

Ugandan artist Winnie Nwagi has one child, a daughter named Destiny Valerie Mirembe. Destiny has been there throughout Winnie’s struggles as she gave birth to her while in high school. Winnie had to dropout of school due to the pregnancy since her father refused to pay for her school fees.

Winnie Nwagi

Winnie Nwagi and her daughter Destiny Valerie Mirembe. Photo/ MBU.

During a previous interview with Extra Digest, Winnie revealed that she met the father of her daughter while in form six. The father, whose name is unknown, wanted Winnie to abort the pregnancy but she refused. Communication reduced between the two and Winnie has since raised her daughter alone.

Is Winnie Nwagi Married?

Ugandan artist Winnie Nwagi is not yet married. According to various sources on the internet, the 34-year-old is currently single. She was previously in a romantic relationship with General C’zabu, who is also an artist. The two had a violent breakup, with Nwagi using her social media to accuse C’zabu of domestic violence, among other things. The relationship lasted for about eight months.

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