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Behind Nigerian Women Beauty is a Multi-billion Dollar Cosmetics Industry

nigeria cosmetics industry
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Nigeria cosmetics industry has a profound story of proliferation in recent years. Increased access to information about the benefits of good grooming, makeup, skincare products, and ingredients makes Nigeria a major market for cosmetics manufacturers. A massive influx of new brands is emerging on the scene, providing customers with an array of options from drugstore buys to high-end designer cosmetic lines.

Many women now trust local brands to provide them with quality cosmetic products at affordable prices. Cosmetics products include mass beauty/personal care, skincare, hair care, deodorants, bath/shower and men’s grooming. Other products include baby care products; oral hygiene items; fragrances; exceptional beauty/personal items, and sun protection creams.

How Big is the Cosmetic Industry in Nigeria?

It’s no secret that Nigeria is a top investment area for international firms eager to tap into the beauty and personal care markets, as stated by Kosmetica World. This is primarily due to an impressive performance in terms of growth potential and increasing demand for beauty and hygiene products. As such, these companies are increasingly seizing opportunities presented by this booming consumer market.

According to statista, Revenue within the Beauty & Personal Care industry is set to grow exponentially over the coming years, estimated to reach US$7.87bn in 2023 and increasing at a rate of 16.48% annually (CAGR 2023-2027). The market’s largest segment – Personal Care – is responsible for an incredible market volume of US$3.49bn as we move into 2023.

With its young, urban, and female population booming in Nigeria, the beauty and personal care market has a great opportunity to expand. With media influence from the west leading them into an increasingly westernized lifestyle, these youngsters are anticipated to be responsible for significant demand as part of their country’s expanding middle class. (Euromonitor)

What is the Best Makeup Product in Nigeria?

For centuries, makeup has been a cornerstone of African societies. Before colonization, the people of Nigeria used cosmetics to bring attention to their body features, like kohl eye paints and lip stains. As Western culture began influencing Nigerian values, individuals became increasingly open towards experimenting with different products, though beauty brands took a lot of work for locals to obtain. This is what birthed the resurgence of Nigerian-made cosmetics today.

We’ve created a terrific list of 6 Nigerian companies that offer everything from foundations to highlighters, plus delightful lip products. Get ready to be amazed by these amazing cosmetic manufacturers.

1. Zaron Cosmetics

nigeria cosmetics industry

Zaron Cosmetics. Photo/Zaron Cosmetics.

Oke Maduewesi’s brand, founded in 2011, has become a leader in the makeup world. Its extensive reach includes numerous stores across Nigeria and branches beyond Africa’s borders. The company initially launched with an array of makeup products before introducing its cosmetics line which features face primer, concealer, mattifying powder, foundation mascara, eyeliner and lipstick, to name just some. This brand has quickly gained immense popularity throughout the country, making it stands out among all other names on the scene.

2. Zikel Cosmetics

Zikel Cosmetics

Zikel Cosmetics. Photo/Vanguard Allure.

Kelvin Ezekiel proudly leads Zikel Cosmetics, a collection of high-grade and cost-effective offerings for Nigerians. The brand has put funds into clinically tested products to manufacture environmentally friendly goods. While known best for its foundation line, the company’s vast range includes items such as glow kits, HD foundations, concealers, face definers and eye pencils. With an ever-growing catalogue, Nigeria is ablaze with its quality cosmetics.

3. Nuban Beauty

Nigeria cosmetics industry

Nuban beauty. Photo/

Established in Nigeria by makeup artists Stella Ndekile and Jane Ogu, the renowned beauty brand of Nuban Beauty offers unbeatable quality products at affordable prices. Their wide range of cosmetics is tailored to meet any climate condition. It includes foundations, powders, concealers, primer bases, highlighters, setting sprays, lipsticks, and other lip-based products. This Nigeria-based beauty brand is perfect for Nigeria women who are looking for cosmetics that are both high quality and affordable!

4. Yanga Cosmetics

Nigeria cosmetics industry

Yanga cosmetics. Photo/Nollywood Times.

Jennifer Lisa Uloko launched this makeup enterprise in 2014, and it has since become one of the most successful brands in Nigeria. Committed to creating cruelty-free products for everyday Nigerians, its product range encompasses eyebrow tints, brow lotions, beauty blenders, matte lipsticks and even skincare items. This innovative line continues to impress shoppers.

5. Dabota Cosmetics

Dabota Cosmetics

Dabota Cosmetics. Photo/

Ex-beauty queen Dabota Lawson proudly owns this brand, which specializes in providing makeup products for all skin types. It’s renowned in Nigeria cosmetics industry for its powder and pallet, but there are more. Hypoallergenic, paraben-free, mineral-based and allergy-tested formulas allow you to create your perfect look easily – choose from various eyeshadow shades, lipstick hues; and foundation options. Get those stunning results today with the help of this amazing line!

6.BMpro makeup

Nigeria cosmetics industry

BMpro makeup. Photo/

Established in 2006 by Banke Meshida Lawal, this cutting-edge brand is revolutionizing Africa. Not only has it made a name for itself in Nigeria cosmetics industry, but its innovative range of products reaches far and wide throughout the continent. The revolutionary lineup includes everything from facial makeup to lipsticks and eyeshadows – all designed to create an effortless look with fantastic quality. Some of their most popular products are eyebrow glitter, foundation, and setting powder – perfect additions to your already stunning makeup arsenal.

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