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4 African countries with the most beautiful women in the world

4 African countries with the most beautiful women in the world
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There is just so much to pride in Africa and the environmental diversity is the top seller in the continent.

However, a rich culture is part of Africa’s centuries-old glory and with it is the warmth of the food, dance, beliefs, rituals and traditional ceremonies. But, the beautiful African women is a subject spoken in hushed tones albeit the fact that her charming women are, by and large, exceed the normal standards of feminine beauty; they are a big part of Africa’s culture.

The next possible and logical question would be, which countries in Africa have the most beautiful women?


Ethiopian model. [Photo courtesy]

When an Ethiopian girl passes by, her strikingly noticeable beauty is something you can’t deny. Besides their admirable skin complexion, physical standing and enchanting smiles, their hair is so fancy.

In the Ethiopian traditional setting, a woman’s worth is in her role as a mother and as a wife which has propelled them to greater heights in life thrusting them into the administrative world previously seen as a preserve of men. For those who have had footing in the modern world, they are an epitome of beauty and courage which are what an Ethiopian women is built of.


A Kenyan lady

A Kenyan lady. [Photo courtesy]

Would we mention beauty without talking of our ladies in Kenya? Kenyan women are a blend of beauty and brains. Kenya is among African nations where the role of a woman in the society has been amplified to make them important decision-makers in the country.

One trait though among Kenyan women is their phenomenal beauty bolstered by an undying sense of fashion and what you would call the African skin tone. What crowns the beauty of a Kenyan woman is the curves! They are a real force that your eyes reckon with. Their class and style is as tasty as your imagination would have it.

Whether they are in the informal or formal sectors, urban or rural areas, their zeal to make a better tomorrow for their families is plausible. They are the kind that stops at nothing.


Nigerian woman

A Nigerian woman. [Photo courtesy]

Tall, dark, curvy and stylish are all adjectives which perfectly describe the attributes not to mention a known fact that they are so romantic!

A glimpse of their charm is well brought out in the revered Nollywood movies and this is just a tit bit of it; the beauties in this land are more than your imagination takes you. What’s outstanding about Nigerian women is their innate tactical thinking. They’ll always get out of a difficult situation without a huff.

Besides, their culinary skills in the kitchen are mind-blowing. Tasty meals is a real deal in the kitchen. Their submissiveness is also a thing that a lot of Nigerian men can attest to. From a tender age, one of the values a girl strongly holds is to be submissive and recognize that a man is always the head of the family all the time.

South Africa

South African lady

A South African lady. [Photo courtesy]

The ‘jewel of Africa’ is perhaps the most exciting place to be once in a while. South Africa’s tourism is on always on a high regardless of the time of the year and this is the opportune moment to have your eyes rush on a sampling spree of the beauties of the land.

There are stunningly beautiful. That chocolate complexion, well-toned bodies and charming talk is everything you would need for a lifetime with a South African beauty. They have a die-hard spirit which was passed on to them over the precolonial era when things were so thick with the apartheid rule, hypothetically speaking.

In short, they are the complete package in style, design, fashion and innovation. They are a reason why life in Johannesburg is on a fast lane.


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