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Ugandan Man Marries 7 Wives Same Day, Wants More

ssaalongo nsikonenne habib ssezzigu
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Culture in Uganda is a big thing but not as stunning as the recent headlines of one Ugandan man Ssaalongo Nsikonenne Habib Ssezzigu marrying seven wives in 24 hours.

More baffling is the fact that he married two sisters out of the seven women he married. This made him an instant internet sensation. Habib’s grand wedding took place in the picturesque Bugereka village, located in Mukono district, on Sunday, September 10, 2023. The lucky ladies who became his wives are Mariam, Madinah, Aisha, Zainabu, Fatuma, Rashida, and Musanyusa, who hold the distinction of being Habib’s first wife and have been by his side for seven years.

Blogger Caleb Canaan, in a Facebook post, revealed the fascinating details of this unique ceremony. The festivities commenced around 8 am, with the brides being pampered at local salons for their styling needs. Subsequently, they were chauffeured to the venue in Super Custom vans, each bearing a specialized license plate with the name of one of the brides.

How Did Ssaalongo Nsikonenne Habib Ssezzigu Marry Seven Wives?

Ugandan man Ssaalongo Nsikonenne Habib seven wives

Ugandan man Ssaalongo Nsikonenne Habib Ssezzigu with his seven wives. Photo/The Citizen

What followed was the exchange of vows with each of his seven wives and a grand procession led by motorbikes kicked off. It snaked its way into Nakifuma, Kasana and Kalagi towns where everyone was stunned by this rare show. Habib finally arrived at his home together with his wives at 6 p.m.

The wedding ceremony reached its zenith with a captivating concert as the newlyweds paraded in a convoy. This show elicited resounding applause from onlookers lining the roadsides to partake in the spectacle. For some, disbelief washed over them, while others expressed that it marked their inaugural experience witnessing such a remarkable event.

“Some people could not believe that it was real, others said that it was the first time they would be witnessing such an event,” Canan stated.

What Did Ssaalongo Nsikonenne Habib Ssezzigu Gift His Wives?

Nsikonenne who is a traditional healer didn’t stop at the weddings; he also gifted brand-new cars to each of his wives. It was a precious gift to them symbolizing his love and commitment for being with him over the years. Each bride appeared ecstatic about receiving this gift. Further, he demonstrated order as a family man at the reception by having a perfect arrangement of seven seats, each bearing the name of his wife.

He said that he went out of his way to buy each of the seven women a car because they are loyal and devoted which he finds fulfilling. What’s more, is that there is no jealousy among his wives because he introduced them at the beginning and they all bought his idea of forming one big family.

“My wives harbour no jealousy amongst themselves. I introduced them separately and decided to wed them all at once to make one big happy family,” he stated.

Is Polygamy Allowed in Uganda?

Ugandan man Ssaalongo Nsikonenne Habib seven wives

Ugandan man Ssaalongo Nsikonenne Habib Ssezzigu with his seven wives. Photo/Blizz Uganda

Polygamy is legally allowed in Uganda both under the Islamic and customary law of the land. Studies show that this practice is more prevalent in rural Uganda than in urban areas. Additionally, it is more prevalent Muslims than among Christians. As for Ssaalongo Nsikonenne Habib Ssezzigu, he is not stopping yet because he is training his mind to add more wives.

The Ugandan man says that he is still young and he has the energy to take care of more wives in future. His unpopular path of marrying seven wives doesn’t stun his family as his father Hajj Abdul Ssemakula said that polygamy runs in his family. His granddad had six wives which fascinated him and he married four wives who lived in one house at his homestead.

It is from this that his son followed in the family steps and married seven wives whom he lives peacefully with in his home. Nevertheless, there are attempts to outlaw polygamy in Uganda. But these attempts have been unsuccessful. In 2005, a bill was introduced in Parliament that would have required a husband to seek permission from his first wife before marrying another woman but it flopped.


As Ssaalongo Nsikonenne Habib Ssezzigu enjoys his life with his seven wives, the debate over polygamy is likely to continue in Uganda. There are strong arguments on both sides of the issue. Some people argue that polygamy is a traditional practice that should be protected. Others argue that it is harmful to women and children.

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