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The beauty of Vumba Mountains on Mozambique-Zimbabwe border

The beauty of Vumba Mountains on Mozambique-Zimbabwe border
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The slopes of Bvumba/Vumba Mountain stretching between the borders of Zimbabwe and Mozambique tell a tale of Mozambique’s natural beauty depicted by the lush green hills surrounding the mountains.

The Vumba Mountains towering on the Eastern highlands of Manicaland have earned a brand as the “Mountains of the Mist,” which sets in early in the morning before disappearing midmorning. A large portion of the mountain peaks fall in Zimbabwe, with a stretch extending to Mozambique.

The climate in the mountains is what anyone would fall in love with. There are coffee plantations, top-of-the-range countryside hotels, a casino, golf course and one of the most admirable botanical gardens in Africa, the Bunga Forest Botanical Reserve and the Bvumba Botanical Garden.

The landscape around the Bvumba Botanical Garden is spectacular with streams flowing all-year round flanked by the rare cycad collection of 59 species. The rest of the mountains are covered by savannah woodlands and sub-montane grasslands dotted by an evergreen forest with mosses, ferns and deep ravines.

Into the lowlands of the mountains, the aura gives a deep sense of being in Mozambique while the mountains’ highland takes your sight to a fascinating journey of the beauty of both Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

The Vumba Mountains are home to the world’s rarest butterfly species and is rich in bird watching. Swynnerton’s Robin breeds in Vumba. Livingstones Turacos Livinstonii with crimson-coloured wing feathers is seen perching from canopies in the mountains.

Leopards and Samango monkies are the biggest mammals inhabiting the mountains while the savannah woodlands of the Vumba in Mozambique host some rare reptile species in the globe. This is the place you find Marshalls Leaf Chameleon, Arnolds Skink and frogs.

Besides the intriguing nature of wildlife here, mountain hiking is one of the few human engaging activities to embark on. The slopes are a great hiking spot from the castle Beacon filled by mist while the proteas on the highlands are great for hiking on the highlands

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