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5 popular meals for dinner in Nigeria

5 popular meals for dinner in Nigeria
Written by See Africa Today

There is just so much about Nigeria that it tops African countries with the most intriguing cultures.

One of the most amazing things about Nigeria is how deeply-rooted traditions are, something illuminated through the country’s food culture which is dynamic due to the presence of many ethnic communities whose choice of meals is inspired by religion and other beliefs.

Delicious are the meals but in the majority of homes that you will walk into for dinner, the cuisine served is a fusion of traditional and modern meals from across the country. Here are the most popular foods in Nigeria, a country with a population of over 200 million people.

Fish and yam stew

A popular culture in Nigeria is what you would call “meat syndrome”. Meat—be it beef, mutton, or chicken and fish are popular. Fish and yams are loved for dinner especially due to the ease of preparing. Vegetables and spices are added to give the added zing to your stew.

Grilled Fish

Spicy grilled fish cooked the Nigerian way. [Photo Sisi Jemima]

Beef and Spaghetti Stew

It only takes boiling and a little bit of sprucing up to make your spaghetti yummy, an art Nigerians have mastered with beef as the accompaniment. Vegetable and spices give your meal more flavour.

Beef and Spaghetti.

Beef and Spaghetti. [Photo by]

Rice, meat stew and vegetables

Just like any native African home, rice is a household dish. Coupled with vegetables and meat stew the meal is not only delicious and satisfying but nutritious as well.

Beef stew with rice [Photo by Eat smarter]

Semovita with Okra Soup

If you are the heavy-meal-type, Semovita and okra soup serves you well. It is a deeply traditional but popular meal in Nigeria that takes time to prepare but is highly fulfilling. Semovita is ground flour (yams/cassava/maize) which is served with okra soup prepared with fish and vegetables.

Semovita with Okra Soup. [Photo by Busy]

 Plantain (banana) stew

Plantains in Nigeria are popular because they can be prepared in different ways and can also be cooked with many other dishes.  Raw plaintains are boiled and cooked alongside vegetables and fish.

Plantain Stew. [Photo by No Meat Athlete]

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