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December Festival in Nigeria; Calabar Festival

35 African states to attend Nigeria’s Calabar Festival 2019 edition


Food, music, art and colours are the name of the game; they are the emblems of Nigeria’s fantastic Calabar Festival held every year in December.

Calabar Carnival’s charisma stretches all over the continent, drawing famed artiste and visitors to the streets of Nigeria in thousands to partake in the festival touted to be one of the largest and funkiest festivals in Africa.

The 2019 Calabar Festival will be the 19th edition and representatives from 35 African countries and 20 states from Nigeria have confirmed attendance. Initially, the carnival was held for the whole month of December but, organizers of the event have revised this.

There will be big Nigerian tunes at the event with renowned artistes from and beyond Nigeria giving electrifying performances on December 26 when the carnival starts until December 30 when it is scheduled to end. As is the norm with Calabar Festival, sightseeing tours for visitors have been arranged and Calabar bikers will compete.

Thereafter, a street anthem follows as is the tradition with the festival.

Calabar Festival
Calabar Festival [Photo by Motley Travels]
Albeit music, arts, biking, sightseeing are the highlights of the event, Calabar Festival addresses ills dogging the society though different theme. This year’s theme is “humanity” which will unravel why Nigeria, just like other places in the world, has turned to be a man-eat-man society.

Calabar Festival
Calabar Festival [Photo by All Africa.com]
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