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African Beauty Influencers Helping Black Women Look Gorgeous

African beauty bloggers
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Beauty in Africa is phenomenal but it wasn’t such a glorified thing back in the day. However, with a fast-changing world, African beauty bloggers link you to the daily realities of what and where you need to be to stay gorgeous.

Although beauty encompasses lots of things and is also subjective, what stands out is the celebration of African heritage by these bloggers. They bring a fresh and distinctive perspective to it all in the most convenient mediums; Instagram and YouTube.

That said, who are these ambassadors of beauty in Africa?

Jackie Aina

African beauty bloggers

African Beauty Youtuber Jackie Aina. Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

When talking about African beauty bloggers, Jackie Aina has a special place in history. Born to a Nigerian father from Yoruba tribe and an African-American mother, Aina always wanted to change the beauty industry to suit people of colour.

This is how the American-Nigerian became an African beauty influencer. Growing her YouTube channel to become an authority on matters of African beauty took five years. She launched the Trends We’re Ditching annual segment where she comically handles the cosmetic industry. Aina also bluntly calls out beauty brands whose products ‘ignore’ women of colour.  She enjoys 3.45 million subscribers on her channel.

Nyma Tangs

African beauty bloggers

US-based African beauty blogger from South Sudan Nyma Tang. Photo/Tubelifters

Nyma Tangs is from South Sudan but lives in the US where she plies her trade as an African American beauty vlogger. The Dallas-based Nuer girl tests different makeup brands in her popular ‘The Darkest Shade’ programme on YouTube. She does a review of the best cosmetic brands such as Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, Lancome and Bobbi Brown plus many more.

Dimmah Umeh

African Beauty Bloggers

Dimmah Umeh. Photo/Style Rave

Growing up in a country where the cosmetic industry is worth billions of dollars, Diamah Umeh knows how easy it is to use the wrong products. She takes her fans through which makeup products are the best and counterfeits by unscrupulous businesspeople. Besides, she promotes Nigerian products to the outside world with fantastic makeup tutorials.

Tabitha Laker

African Beauty bloggers

Ugandan-born beauty YouTuber from Uganda Tabitha Laker. Photo/Tabitha Laker/Facebook

The Ugandan-born Londoner doesn’t shy away from sharing the beauty of black women. Her Ancholi roots back in Uganda and the cultural exposure in London pushed her to share skincare tips and the best products to use.

Love Halssa

African beauty Bloggers

Halima aka Love Halssa. Photo/Pinterest

Love Halssa is a glowing Somali vlogger living in London. Her content primarily deals with various ways to preserve the beauty of an African woman’s hair. She is one of the African beauty bloggers with a personalized touch in her content.

Omabelle TV

African beauty bloggers

Jersey-based Nigerian beauty vlogger Omabelle. Photo/YouTube

Her struggle with acne bore a successful YouTube channel where the Nigerian-born beauty enthusiast shows people the best products to deal with acne. Now living in Jersey, US, she has a new perspective on routine skincare with a special foundation that spurred her to fame.

Kangai Mwiti

African beauty bloggers

Kangai Mwiti. Photo/Victor Matara

For nine years now, Kangai Mwiti has established herself as Kenya’s queen of beauty. She sleeps happily having achieved her goal of taking women through skincare and makeup tips and tutorials. Mwiti focuses more on teaching women with darker skin tones how to best do makeup and what to use.

Her beauty company Bellesa Africa products quality skincare products for black women.

Cynthia Gwebu

African beauty Vlogger

Cynthia Gwebu. Photo/Everipedia

Cynthia Gwebu is an enviable beauty enthusiast from South Africa who goes out of her way to promote African-owned beauty brands. Her main niche is providing skincare and beauty tips for the African woman. Her product reviews are ever points on!

Uwani Aliyu

African beauty Vloggers

Uwani Aliyu. Photo/Mimiejay

Uwani Aliyu is a proponent of loving oneself and appreciating natural beauty as it comes. Her skincare routine tutorials focus so much on offering black women products that blend with their skin tone. Besides, being among high-flying African beauty bloggers, she owns Uwa Tea, a cosmetic brand offering organic skincare products.

Lovette’s House of Style

African beauty bloggers

Lovette Jallow has a popular YouTube Channel Lovette’s House of Style. Photo/Forum CiV

Behind the now-famous Lovette’s House of Style YouTube channel is Gambian Lovette Jallow. She works and lives in Sweden where she is a favourite for her tutorials on the best makeup and ways to apply it for women of colour in Europe.


African beauty bloggers play an important role in creating a vibrant community of beauty enthusiasts. Their sharing of skincare tips, haircare products to use and reviews of many other products in the market helps millions of black women. They bridge a gap that elevates all beauty needs for black women across the world.

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