10 beautiful African celebrities rocking the continent

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The African entertainment industry is all about glamour just like many other parts of the world. But, beautiful African celebrities are the final equation to the glitz and glamour. They are sassy, well-endowed, and make heads turn with every move they make.

So beautiful are they that you would think their gorgeous looks are a bare minimum to be in the industry. While this is not the case, nature has a way of pulling the damsels to the industry.

Thus, if you haven’t seen the beauty of Africa through her women, here are 10 charming and beautiful African celebrities you should know about.

Daniella Okeke (Nigeria)

Daniella Okeke

Daniella Okeke. Photo/ the360report

Daniella is a famed Nigerian actress. She is a talented mind who has achieved so much since debuting in acting in 2007. However, her killer figure is worth talking about.

Daniella draws so much attention in her shows as fans stick to catch sight of her curvaceous body. Over and above, the 44-year-old lives a flashy life and is known for her huge taste for luxurious cars.

Grace Msalame (Kenya)

Grace Msalame

Grace Msalame. Photo/Capital News

Call her the queen of the screen and you will aptly descriptive of Msalame. She is an outgoing Kenyan media personality and a mother of three. Her current show on NTV Kenya ‘Unscripted’ is an amazing show where people share their deepest stories unedited.

Msalame has earned a huge fan base due to her great interviewing skills and giving the downtrodden an opportunity to speak. She is, however, a private person of the camera only sharing her images – but never of her family.

Nosipho Zulu (South Africa)

Nosipho Zulu

Nosipho Zulu. Photo/

The Zulu damsel is an Instagram model and an entrepreneur. She is without a doubt among the crème de la crème of beautiful African celebrities.

Born in 1989, her elegance, style, and sense of fashion makes her one of the most sought-after South African influencers. Nosipho holds four degrees from the University of Cape Town. They are in Commerce, Applied Science, Finance, and Economics.

She runs several businesses majoring in skincare products, cosmetics, and hair products.

Juliet Ibrahim (Ghana)

Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim. Photo/EveryEveryNG

In case you visit Ghana, you will realize how much of a beauty Juliet is. She is an actor and a producer who traces her roots to Lebanon. In fact, her singing in Lebanese will make you fall in love with beautiful African celebrities.

A-Listers Magazine once described her as the most beautiful woman in West Africa. Juliet is a popular figure in Ghanaian and Nigerian films.

Matilda ‘Hipsy’ (Ghana)

She is curvy and a sensation in Ghana. People nicknamed her hipsy to signify how beautiful of a figure she has. Matilda is a social media sensation where she plies her influencer trade.

Corazon Kwamboka (Kenya)

Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon Kwamboka. Photo/Kenyacradle

The soon-to-be mother of two is a stylish lawyer – but many people know her for her gorgeous looks online. Married to flashy gym instructor, Frank, she is the epitome of a black beauty who is books smart.

Londie London (South Africa)

Londie is a jack of all trades. She is an artist, a jewelry designer, and a businesswoman. But it’s her influencer gigs that she is known for. Her killer figure leaves Mzansi thrilled and appreciating that her daughters are worth a mention when it comes to beautiful African celebrities.

Biodun Okeowo (Nigeria)

Biodun Okeowo

Biodun Okeowo. Photo/ Talk of Naija

Okeowo is popularly known as ‘omobutty’ due to her voluptuous behind. Nonetheless, the power actress is a fashionista whose dressing is stylish and charming by every measure.

Tolu Oniru (Nigeria)

Tolu Oniru

Tolu Oniru. Photo/She Leads In Africa

The sassy radio presenter is a business and mass communication graduate from the London Metropolitan University. Her midday show on The Beat is popular.

Zari Hassan (Uganda)

Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan. Photo/Mpasho

Zari is phenomenal. She is the ex-wife of East African pop star Diamond Platnumz who she had two kids with. She currently resides in South Africa and runs several businesses that add to her entrepreneurship portfolio.

Without a doubt, Zari is impressively gorgeous and her sense of fashion is intriguingly fascinating. The mother of four looks younger than her quadragenarian status and she is not about to stop taking care of her looks.

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