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Welcome to $1.6bn Zanzibar Amber Resort With Underwater Nightclub

Amber Resort
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At a whooping $1.6 billion, Zanzibar Amber Resort redefines luxury travel in Africa. It is East Africa’s biggest luxury resort – taking 3,756 acres.

Nothing of its kind has been witnessed in East Africa before. Luckily, it puts this part of Africa on a pedestal.

You can’t help but notice the striking world-class luxury touch of the resort akin to what Miami offers. Even better is that it offers facilities you will find in Dubai and a few other places in the world.

So, what’s the deal with Amber Resort Zanzibar?


Zanzibar Amber Resort.

Zanzibar Amber Resort. Photo/Forbes

Zanzibar Amber Resort is a tropical coast community developed by Pennyroyal Gibraltar Limited.

The coast features a slew of luxury amenities, including East Africa’s first championship Ernie El-designed golf course.

The resort also has five global leading hotels – including the Ritz Carlton and Anantara – an aqua park, underwater restaurant and nightclub.

There is also a glamorous souk dedicated to promoting local goods and music and an equestrian centre plus a super-yacht facility.

Zanzibar Amber Resort Saleh Said Managing Director told Forbes in 2017 that the construction of the resort would take 15 years.

It would be done in phases but stalled somewhere along the way when Covid-19 pandemic struck. However, construction work resumed in 2022.

While the project is still under construction, Said estimated that it would provide 5,000 temporary jobs and another 5,000 long-term ones.

Besides being a one-of-a-kind resort, it is also about sustainable development.

What’s Outstanding About Zanzibar Amber Resort?

Zanzibar Amber Resort.

Zanzibar Amber Resort. Photo/Forbes

Besides a 9,842-foot runway, a world-class medical facility, and a private international school, the most stunning options include 1,914 luxury villas and 3,440 luxurious penthouse apartments valued from $700K to $10 million.

According to the managing director, the duty-free getaway benefits from substantial government backing. It included no estate tax, no capital gains tax, minimal corporate tax on local income, and a very low two to three percent transfer tax.

Besides, the resort takes care of deep-pocketed individuals with a penchant for the fine things in life. This is the reasoning behind the underwater nightclub.

Zanzibar Amber Resort is also a key eco-conservator exploring the use of green energy to power up the community.


The Manta Resort Underwater room

The Manta Resort Underwater room. Photo/Airows

Nothing is as baffling as the different world The Manta Resort Hotel in Pemba Island, Tanzania offers with an Underwater Room.

It is one of the few places on earth where you experience the tranquility of a traditional Swahili island culture passed down through generations.

But, The Manta Resort gives a new experience about African travel. It meets your simple needs such as a pristine comfortable bed and friendly company to care for you.

And don’t forget: you get more should you decide to board an Underwater Room.  All you do here is feel at home, and enjoy your new family in Pemba.

Manta Resort Underwater Room

The Manta Resort “Underwater Room” lies within the resort’s Conservation Area which is an island surrounded by untouched coral.

The mystery behind this marvellous architectural masterpiece is animated by the intermittent flickering of lights in the water.

The Underwater Room sits 250 metres from the shore. A cosy room with amazing views of fish under the water seen through the glass façade of the room. At sea level, there is a rooftop deck, bathroom and lounge.

A two-story wooden deck above water level make the Underwater Room totally self-contained. In order to access the underwater bedroom, a ladder must be used.

It has a comfortable double bed with an excellent vantage point from which to observe the marine life that is so close to the seabed. Above, lounge space and restrooms are located on a hardwood deck.

Sleeping among the ocean’s soft lapping waves is an option for guests who choose it. With no light pollution to disturb the night sky, the archipelago of Zanzibar provides an unobstructed view of celestial wonders each and every night.

In order to create a surreal and dazzling picture of the surrounding marine life, there are spotlights beneath each window below sea level. The light source causes the creatures swimming past to appear to be glowing.

As a result of its location in the 12 meter-deep Blue Hole on the coral reef, the guest room offers views of a more laid-back aspect of the ocean:

The most epic moments are the nights under the water as octopus, squid and other sea animals. They treat you to scenery only imaginable in a movie but hey, it is existent!

Manta Resort is also a popular spot for divers due to the coral in this part of the island.

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