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Vacationing in Tanzania Changed NFL Star Tom Brady’s Life

Tom Brady tanzania vacation
Written by Teresa Mwangi

Celebrated American Superbowl star Tom Brady has a tall tale to tell about his holiday in Tanzania together with his two children.

The former NFL star tagged along his 15-year-old son, Jack and Daughter, Vivian, 10, for the trip. He wanted them to be a part of his 46th birthday which he celebrated in East Africa. This African vacation was long overdue and for years, he had toyed with the idea of taking on an African safari.

He shared beautiful photos of his vacation in Tanzania with his children. In a series of carousels, Brady’s radiant smile beams as he supports Vivian on his shoulders. The lens captures a moment as she affectionately interacts with a friendly goat, striking poses with his two children, and skillfully documenting the captivating wildlife and breathtaking scenery.

In one of these photos, Vivian sits on a chair happily while a majestic herd of elephants gracefully passes by. It is a big moment for the family as they experience life in the African wild which only existed in films for them. The retired NFL champion has only one word for his African safari; extraordinary.

Did Tom Brady Enjoy His Vacation In Tanzania?

tom brady in tanzania

Tom Brady with his children during his Tanzania trip. Photo/TMZ

Tom Brady is a well-travelled man and he has vacationed in many places across the world. But it was Tanzania that stole his heart. He described it as the most amazing vacation he has had in life.

“What an incredible trip to the most amazing continent…Africa. It was another special reminder that life is TRULY about relationships and memories,” he posted on his Instagram page.

Being in Africa as he turned 46, presented a unique moment for him to express his gratitude and reflect on his life. He was thankful that he finally made it to a beautiful vacation destination far from home and it’s something he never thought of as a young by from San Mateo.  And for Tom Brady; celebrating the many connections in life stands out for him.

“This past week of my birthday I have had much time to reflect and be grateful for all the incredible blessings. I couldn’t imagine growing up as a boy in San Mateo that my life would become what it has…I’ve experienced quite a bit in the first 45 years I have lived, and what I have loved most is the people who I have shared the most life-changing events with,” he continues.

What Did Tom Brady Enjoy Most in Tanzania?

Waking up to beautiful sunsets and watching wild animals strolling the untouched part of nature stood out for him and his two children. The Serengeti lives up to his dream of a magical wild coloured by warm people who made his vacation stand out. His vacation taught him the value of true joy and what it looks like. It taught him the real value of happiness.

“To wake up to sunrises and untouched parts of our beautiful planet, to witness these animals in all their glory, to see how different people can live with true joy and happiness continues to bring me great lessons in learning,” Brady remarked.

His takeaway from his vacation days in Tanzania is allowing the life you lead to be the lesson you teach.  That’s why such an African trip means so much to him and his family.

Who Else Is Vacationing in Tanzania?

Ander Herrera with his wife Isabel Collado in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Ander Herrera with his wife Isabel Collado in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Photo/Ander Herrera

Ligue 1 footballer Ander Herrera who plays for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) visited Tanzania in 2022 together with his wife Isabel Collado. This was his first holiday in Africa and the couple had a good time in one of East Africa’s leading tourist destinations. Herrera visited the famous Serengeti National Park and made his maiden African safari.

The Serengeti Tanzania safari is a tall tale of African wildlife delight. The park is one of the world’s renowned wildlife sanctuaries with thousands of game spread across the grass-ridden plains of the park. It is the oldest park in Tanzania and one of the few UNESCO World Heritage sites.  He also visited Ngorongoro Crater which is the world’s largest caldera, spanning over a hundred square miles, 12 miles wide, and 2,000 feet deep.

It has the highest concentration of species in Africa. Its existence is courtesy of an eruption of a volcano which later formed the crater. History suggests that before the eruption, Ngorongoro was taller than Mt. Kilimanjaro – may be the tallest in the world.

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