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Tim, Kenya’s largest elephant dies at Amboseli aged 50

Super elephant in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park, Tim dies at 50


The elephant fraternity at Kenya’s Amboseli National Park is yet to come to terms with the loss of Tim, the super Tusker in this park.

Tim, a majestic elephant who wowed many with his super long tusks died at 50 in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.
In a statement released by the Kenya Wildlife Service on Wednesday, Tim died at Mada area of Amboseli.

Years ago, KWS veterinary team treated Tim after suffering serious injuries from what looked like a human attack.
“Tim, the great patriarch of Amboseli National Park, was struck on the head with a large rock and pierced through the ear with a spear, the tip of which was embedded in his shoulder,” KWS indicated in a statement signed by Paul Udoto, KWS’ Director-General.

The carcass, Udoto added, is on its way to Nairobi Museums of Kenya where a taxidermist will prepare the body for preservation “for education and exhibition purposes.”

Popularly referred to as Big Tim, it was one of the last big tusker elephants alive which inhabited the park located on the Southern part of Kenya. Unlike other male elephants who live alone after reaching sexual maturity, Tim did not shy away from being in the company of female elephants.

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