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The beauty of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria with the longest sandy beach in Africa

Did You Know the Longest West African Beach is in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria?


In Nigeria’s Southern Coast is the colourful Akwa Ibom State, the only one treating locals and visitors to different cultural festivals all-year-round.

The festivals in this State symbolize the intriguing Nigerian culture but they are just a tidbit of what Akwa Ibom with a population of five million residents offers in terms of tourism. Long sandy coasts, scenic landscapes, wildlife and mouth-watering dishes solidly places Akwa Ibom on the charts of Nigeria’s tourism.

Stretching 45km from Ibeno to James Town, Ibeno beach is not only the most popular destination in Akwa Ibom State but also West Africa’s longest sand beach. Ibeno is particularly a pleasure-deriving beach, famous for its sandy nature and a haven for yachting and swimming.

The state prides to have the trendiest stadium in Nigeria, The Akwa Ibom Stadium. The finishing is of world-class standards with modern facilities. It also hosts Ibom E-Library – the largest information centre in Africa with an e-library. Oron Museum, Ibom Plaza, Ibom Tropicana, Itam Market and Lord Lugard Amalgamation House are other stunning attractions in Akwa Ibom.

Local and foreign cuisine is another reason you will want to visit this culturally rich State with a blend of tropical rainforest flavours. The fish dishes have a coastal touch but goat meat suya, chicken and afang soup are the highlights of Akwa Ibom’s delicacies.

Being a rainforest zone, November to February have less rainfall hence the best months to visit especially for outdoor activities.

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