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Amazing hiking places in Ghana

Amazing hiking places in Ghana
Written by See Africa Today

Hiking in Ghana is a perfect definition of the delight that lies in the unknown. Ghana has a lot of places to explore, some of which gives the best tales of hiking in this West African Country.

There are mountains, hills, vast savannah grasslands, rainforests, plains and rivers to hike at. 

Volta Region


Volta James [Photo by Travel and Tours]

Volta region is located in the East of Ghana and is one of the enviable regions due to its picturesque landscape. The landscapes have valleys ridden with wildlife.

Mount Afadjato which has the highest peak in West Africa, is in Volta and is characterised by a dense forest with streams which pour into the breathtaking Wli Waterfall.

Hiking Mount Afadjato takes between 4 to 6 hours through the layers of the mountain which wind up into woodlands where different species of birds live. At the Volta, a view of Togo which borders Ghana to the east is visible.

While in Volta, visit Lake Volta which is the world’s largest artificial lake fed by several streams in the area. The best months to visit are between June and September when the weather is temperate with the sun shining early in the morning.


Kakum is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a rainforest reserve – one of the only two in the whole of Africa. Kakum has good trails that start on the open grassland leading to the forest where hikers take delight in as they traverse through neighbouring villages.

Western Region

Bia National Park, Ankasa conservation area and Amansuri conservation area the most popular hiking spots in the Western region. Bia National Park is well known for its crocodile ponds. Given that these areas are protected habitats, hiking gets even better.


In one or two hours drive from Accra, you will find Krobo, the most popular hiking spot during the day. Krobo hike lasts between 4-6 hours and the hills around it opens a new world; ancient cave sites lie in the hills which narrow down to a vast savannah full of deer.



Akosombo [Photo by Wikimedia]

Akosombo has an interesting ecology. Situated in a flooded dam, surrounded by forests and an island, Akosombo hike does not disappoint. The shores of this freshwater flooded zone beam with wildlife.

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