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The breathtaking Maiyan Resort in Laikipia Kenya

Maiyan Resort in Laikipia: Luxury on the foothills of Mt Kenya


Derived from a Maasai word, Maiyan – meaning God’s blessings- Maiyan Nanyuki is a beauty to behold

The abundance of wildlife, beautiful scenery and an enviable culture makes Maiyan in Laikipia a top tourist destination. Set up on lush greenery land shaped like a piano 20km  from Nanyuki town, Maiyan sits at the foothills of Mt Kenya overlooking the rolling Lolldaiga Hills.

The excellence in this resort saw Maiyan bag the Luxury Private Pool 2019 Award in the World Luxury Hotels Awards.

Maiyan Lodge
Maiyan Resort in Nanyuki. [Photo traveldiscover.com]
Boma-a structure influenced by traditional homestead dot the resort’s outdoor dining section. They are designed in line with the Maasai tradition which represents the African culture amplified by entertaining music. Leisure strolls are on another level at Maiyan as horsebacks give the comfort of scouting the entire resort. If you are a novice horse rider, don’t worry; stable staff always teaches you the ropes of horse riding.

In an era where physical inactivity is a prerequisite to lifestyle diseases, Maiyan has established a sports centre to keep its guests and community engaged. The centre has a section for children and adults with a basketball pitch, a soccer field, hockey and rugby spaces.

Cycling, boat riding, fishing and jogging trails are also available.

Maiyan has a state-of-the-art conferencing centre, in a serene environment and a well-tended garden for a wedding and an aura of confidence for team building.

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