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5 Beautiful Places in Africa for First Timers to Visit

Sossusvlei Area
Written by Abraham Odhiambo

There are plenty of beautiful places in Africa for first timers to visit and create a memorable experience.

From formidable animal life and stunning beaches to mesmerizing architecture and unsurpassed natural wonders, Africa has all you need to explore. 

Africa is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit while on vacation. But choosing exactly where to go can be overwhelming since the continent has endless attractions.

Africa has 54 gorgeous countries, and each country is filled with so much history and has its own unique culture.

Here, we will discuss some of the most beautiful places you should have on your bucket list when visiting Africa for the first time.

1. Tundavala Gap – Angola 

The Tundavala Gap, the main attraction of the Huila province, is an awe-spring abyss where one can take a deep breath as they enjoy the amazing panoramic view.

Tundavala Gap

The Tundavala Gap. Photo/ Medicare Club.

Tundavala is found at an altitude of 2600 metres perching at the trim of the Serra da Leba escarpment.

It is a place where you can hike up with friends and enjoy the forest landscape and the rock faces.

Tundavala Gap can be visited all year but the best time to hike to the viewpoint is in the morning since it’s the best time to take photos.

2. Sossusvlei Area – Namibia 

The Sossusvlei area is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Africa for first-timers to visit. The photogenic area is known for its large, red, orange and pink sand dunes.

Sossusvlei Area

Sossusvlei Area. Photo/ The Guardian Nigeria.

The sand dunes form a star shape when the wind approaches from all directions, hence the name ‘star dunes.’

The ‘dead-end lake’ in Sossusvlei forms at a place where the Tsauchab River stops after meeting the red dunes.

During a heavy rainy season, the lake forms a stunning site which features red dunes surrounding the water. The lake attracts so many tourists during that period.

You might have come across the Sossusvlei Dunes in music videos and films.

3. Zanzibar Archipelago 

Zanzibar, one of the most beautiful places in Africa for first-timers to visit, is famous for its stunning beaches, history and diverse culture.

If you’ve been dreaming of sipping cocktails on white sand beaches, Zanzibar is the place to go. The best beaches are found on the island’s coastline, and there are plenty of things to do, such as snorkelling and diving.

Some of the beaches to explore in Zanzibar include Nungwi, Kendwa, Kiwengwa, Matemwe and Jambiani Beach.

Ensure you visit Mnemba Island if you want to see green turtles.

Mnemba Island

Mnemba Island in Zanzibar. Photo/ andBeyond.

4. Victoria Falls – Zambia and Zimbabwe 

Our list of the most beautiful places in Africa for first-timers would be incomplete without mentioning Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls has the widest curtain of falling water in the world. It is found in the great River Zambezi on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

A visit to Victoria Falls, one of the world’s seven wonders, offers you an unsurpassed opportunity to enjoy the landscape.

The falls are made up of five different waterfalls – the Horseshoe Falls, the Devil’s Cataract, the Rainbow Falls, the Main Falls and the Eastern Cataract.

5. Hoggar Mountains –Algeria 

The Hoggar Mountains are a highland region in Algeria featuring unique mountain peaks. The mountains are amazing for hiking and experiencing the Sahara Desert.

What makes the mountains unique is the rocky and arid landscape. The rocks are mainly metamorphic, approximated to be around 2 billion years old.

The Hoggar Mountains are part of the Ahaggar National Park, which is home to undulating dunes and a lush oasis.

The area, which has dramatic volcanic cores, wild animals and unique vegetation, is truly one of the most beautiful places in Africa for first-timers to visit. 

Hoggar Mountains

The Hoggar Mountains. Photo/ Sahara Overland.

Which Part of Africa is the Prettiest? 

  • Pyramids of Giza
  • Table Mountain
  • Lake Malawi
  • Sidi Bou Said
  • Victoria Falls
  • Sossusvlei Dunes
  • Djene Mosque

What Are 5 Beautiful Spots in Africa? 

  • The great migration in Tanzania
  • Djemaa el Fna in Morocco
  • Spitzkoppe in Namibia
  • Sahara Dunes in Morocco
  • Mountain gorillas in Rwanda

What is the First Beautiful Country in Africa? 

South Africa is one of the most beautiful and notable countries in Africa. The densely populated country is known for its numerous attractions and serene environment.

Which Part of Africa is Best for Vacation? 

  • Namibia
  • Madagascar
  • Zanzibar Islands, Tanzania
  • South Africa
  • Kenya

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