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10 Reasons Why The Gambia is a Good Tourist Destination

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It may be small, but The Gambia is a good tourist destination crammed with a wide range of cultures, history, and natural beauty.

The Gambia is one of West Africa’s smaller countries but the most attractive destination in the region. Its strategic location on the Atlantic Ocean and proximity to Europe have made the Gambia a popular tourist destination in West Africa.

What is so Special About The Gambia?

If you’re looking for winter-sun, Gambia is a good tourist destination! Endless sandy beaches backed by swinging palm trees, serene rivers overflowing with bird life, a sub-tropical climate, and warm-hearted people.

The Gambia boasts an outstanding coastline for such a little nation of about 50 miles. Because of its secluded sandy beaches and constant sunshine, The Gambia is a favorite destination for British tourists seeking a beach vacation.

Here are our top ten reasons ‌why The Gambia is a good tourist destination.

1. Beautiful, Uncrowded Beaches

Kololi Beach Resort

The Gambia is a good tourist destination. Kololi Beach Resort. Photo/thedreamafrica

The Gambia’s coastline is one of its biggest lures because of its expansive, spotless lengths of sweeping sand. Most of its beautiful sandy beaches never get too busy. The popular beach is Sanyang, also known as Paradise Beach. A modest bar, a café, and a few craft booths are present. Traditional wrestling matches organized on Sundays during the peak tourist season are quite exciting.

2. Unique Hotels

Sunprime Tamala Beach

The Gambia is a good tourist destination. Sunprime Tamala Beach. Photo/ tripadvisor

While vacations in The Gambia provide a wide range of lodging possibilities, stays by the coast and on the beach are undoubtedly charming. The hotels accommodate many travelers, whether they are looking for 5-star luxury vacations, 2-star comfort, a lodge floating on the River Gambia, or an elegant eco-retreat.

Each hotel or lodge in the Gambia offers something unique, from the sophistication of Coco Ocean Resort & Spa to the barefoot luxury of Mandina Lodges.

Several restaurants and many hotels entertain. Some outstanding traditional groups perform in hotels, and you can watch them while eating or drinking. The quality and style of these can vary. As some hotels, pay them very little, kindly leave them a tip.

3. Warm-hearted, friendly locals

The Gambia is known as the “Smiling Coast of Africa,” and you won’t find a friendlier welcome anywhere else! As a former British colony, there are several regional tribal languages, but English is the official language, making travel simple.

4. Year-round sunshine

The Gambia is a good tourist destination thanks to its subtropical temperature. One of the finest periods to visit The Gambia is from November to June, when average maximum temperatures reach the low 30s.

Even during the rainy season, it rains briefly. Sharp showers mostly occur at night and have minimal effect on people’s vacations. The Gambia is an excellent place to go for the winter sun.

5. Kachikally Crocodile Pool

crocodile pool gambia

Crocodile Pool Gambia. Photo/ Tripadvisor

There are many sacred pools in The Gambia, some with and some without crocodiles. Near Bakau, women go great distances to bathe in the waters because they believe to have magical powers, especially the ability to promote pregnancy. There is a story about an English couple that was trying to conceive for years. A cab driver took them to the pool and in a few months, they emailed him ‌they were pregnant.

The crocodiles are now so accustomed to people that you can approach them directly and stroke them, but only if the guides advise you to.

6. Birdwatching

With its abundance of rare birds in its rivers, swamps, grasslands, and woodlands, The Gambia is a bird lover’s delight. The nation is famous for birdwatching with over 560 bird species, which makes The Gambia a good tourist destination. Many hotels have lovely grounds where birds can be seen.

7. A colourful Culture

There are various ways to experience Gabia’s culture. Enjoy dancing to the polyphonic beats of the djembe drums, bargaining for vibrantly colored batiks in the market, or taking a cooking course in a courtyard garden where you prepare a traditional West African feast.s to soak up the local culture.

8. Craft markets

Once you’ve got a great bargain on your taxi and have gained experience haggling, head to a nearby craft market to perfect your skills. You want at least half the price the stallholder asks. Before you start, the key is to stop and consider whether you want it and how much you will pay. Some vendors may be a little pushy, but you should just smile, stand your ground, take your time, and go with the flow.

The largest town in The Gambia, Serrekunda, and the Royal Albert Market in the capital, Banjul, are home to the most well-known marketplaces. Both craft ‌markets sell anything under the sun.

9. Fishing Village

fishing village

Beautiful Tanji Fishing Village [Photo/alhagiemanka]

Fish markets are at Bakau, Tanji, and Sanyang. You may watch the fishing boats locally known as pirogues arrive and unload the day’s catch on the sites. Men and women swim into the river and fetch fish in buckets balanced on their heads.

10. Cheeky Monkeys


The Gambia is a good tourist destination
Photo/The Gambia

You can find different monkey species in The Gambia woodlands. Because of the abundance of vervet monkeys in this area, this endangered species is battling to live. You might also see a Western Red Colobus monkey in the trees, the reason The Gambia is a good tourist destination.

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