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World-class Hotel Dr Jill Biden Booked in Nairobi

villa rosa kempinski
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U.S First Lady Dr Jill Biden recently visited Kenya and it was intriguing that she spent her two nights in Nairobi. Just like former U.S president Barrack Obama, she spent her nights at Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel in Nairobi. But, what is Villa Rosa Kempinski presidential suite price?

Everything about Villa Rosa ticks the box. Its presidential suites come with world-class amenities that are luxurious by every other description.  A 9149 ft² king-sized bed, Jacuzzi, a baby bed, a minibar, a terrace, a bathtub with a separate shower and a fantastic view of Nairobi city characterize this suite.

With it is royalty treatment punctuated by an absolute touch of world-class luxury, style and comfort.

How Much Is Presidential Suite In Kenya?

Villar rosa presidential suite

Dr Jill Biden in at State House in Nairobi. Photo/State House Kenya

Both Obama and Dr Jill paid $17,972 (Ksh2.34 million) for the Villa Rosa Kempinski presidential suite price per night. Beyond the comfort, security and style of the suite, you enjoy other services such as a private chef, butler, spa treatment and a 0.8 diamond carat set of jewellery.

As a matter of fact, several deep-pocketed Kenyans also soak in the prestige of this suite, especially during Valentine’s Day. Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi also features a mini-presidential suite going for slightly above half the cost of the presidential suite. It costs $10,829(Ksh1.41 million) per night. In both the mini and full presidential suites, there is a private chef, butler, and massage treatment.

While the full presidential suite has a 0.8 diamond carat set, the mini presidential suite has 0.93 carats of diamonds in its bundle.

Who Is The Owner Of Villa Rosa Kempinski?

Adil Popat owns this hotel in Nairobi. He is has a sizeable contribution to Villa Rosa Kempinski presidential suite price. Popat is the son of Abdul Karim Popat. Popat also has an interest in the motor vehicle industry and is the Simba Colt Corporation in Kenya. Simba Colt is Kenya’s local dealer for all Mitsubishi cars; saloon or heavy duty.

Kempinski Hotels has its headquarters in Switzerland. It operates 76 five-star hotels and residences in 31 countries across the world. In Africa, the hotel chain has its mark in Kenya, South Africa, Djibouti and Ghana. This Swiss hospitality company was founded in 1897 and it is famous for its world-class and absolute luxury across its hotels in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

What Is The History Of Villa Rosa?

Villa Rosa Kempinski presidential suite price history dates back to 1839 in Germany. Then, German banker Gottfried Semper built the villa in Dresden for Martin Wilhelm Oppenheim which he called Villa Rosa.  It was for his family to spend time in over the summer and it was designed by an Italian architect.

Oppenheim named the villa after his wife Rosa who died in 1849. The German oligarch later died in 1863 at the Dresden residence following a stroke attack. After the air assaults on Dresden in World War II, the villa caught fire and was destroyed in 1955. On the site now, there is a primary school. In front of the school, there is a bust of the architect Semper, and there is a plaque in the garden that is near the Elbe River that is reminiscent of the home.

How Much Is Swimming at Kempinski?

Swimming at Kempinski is open and free to members of its fitness centre. Besides, if you are booked at the hotel for days, you are also allowed to access the swimming pool. In July 2015, Obama visited Kenya as a sitting U.S President and he spent his night at Villa Rosa. He is one of the reasons why Villa Rosa Kempinski presidential suite price remains a hot topic.

Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel

illa Rosa Kempinski Hotel. Photo/

The former US President had visited Kenya several other times before he became America’s head of state. He first visited his ancestral home in 1987 and slept at a small resort in Mombasa at the time while meeting his paternal family members. In 1992, a young Obama returned to Kenya to get more knowledge about his origin.

During his two-day state visit in 2015, Obama held oversaw the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi and held talks with former president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Located in Westlands, Nairobi’s commercial hub, Villa Rosa Kempinski in Kenya has a five-star rating and meets international standards of prestige. That’s why Obama and his delegation chose the hotel. This hotel offers world-class amenities such as a swimming pool, spa, fitness centre and the best cuisine options.

Besides its prestige, the hotel is close to the US Embassy, the UN Complex, and a host of diplomatic missions. Also, its location is highly secure which formed the decision for the former US President to pick Villa Rosa for his stay. A presidential suite per night costs $18,15.

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