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Demystifying The Magical Lerruat Log Resort In Kajiado

Demystifying The Magical Lerruat Log Resort In Kajiado
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Tucked deep in the heart of Kajiado County, Lerruat Log Resort offers a perfect destination for a getaway away from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi.

A few minutes from Kajiado town is this tidy and good looking resort. Lerruat Log Resort sits in Kumpa village. But even before you get to Kumpa, you enjoy the one hour of scenery on your way from Nairobi to Kajiado.

It is a different world here! Rolling hills and deep valleys past Kitengela welcome you not to mention the huge tracts of land with hundreds of cows and goats.

Although the Lerruat Log Resort is scenically positioned between valleys and hills, it takes you off-road for a few minutes to get to it. From the outside, the logs on which it is built on look so amazing and have a touch of being in a resort.

However, it’s the interior of the resort that blows you away. Just forget about the logs that you see upon arrival, the décor is out of this world. You call this home in a second.

It is advisable to get a bigger car that can comfortably handle somewhat rugged terrain to get to Lerruat Log Resort.

Lerruat Log Resort. [Photo: Courtesy]

Once here, you forget in an instant that you were actually traveling in the middle of nowhere as the vast, gorgeously built resort with an angle for spectacular views wherever you choose to look.

All you can see is beautiful hills and winding valley all through. But there is this amazing part that my fingers are itching for me to type it down; the food.

Being a dominantly Maasailand zone, it goes without saying that meat is a huge delicacy here. It gets better with its skillful preparation – call it the Maasai way – by a resident chef.

The good thing is, if you are not a beef or mutton lover, there is plenty of chicken and other types of White Meat that you can indulge your taste buds in. All are done above excellence.

Once the meal is settled down the tummy, you can take a nature walk through the expansive Lerruat Log Resort. The sunset is always beautiful because you see it disappearing down the hills and the valley seems awoke.

Here is the other thing; biking is a thing. It is highly enjoyable.

With the chilly evenings, an extra blanket comes in handy and the Wi-Fi keeps you busy as you check on what has been happening in the world while you were away deep into the hills and valleys of Kajiado.

Lerruat Log Resort. [Photo: Courtesy]

The good news is, with between $87 – $187, you can have a good time in state-of-the-art rooms that come with bed and breakfast per night for residents.

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