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Popular Shopping Malls in Gaborone with Luxurious Services

Airport Junction Mall
Written by Abraham Odhiambo

The best shopping malls in Gaborone have evolved from being places where people go shopping to a hallmark of city life. 

The malls are in accessible locations and provide a one-stop shopping experience for everything you need. From supermarkets and restaurants to clothing stores and recreational centres, these malls meet everyone’s needs. 

Gaborone is a vibrant city with old and new malls emerging from every corner. 

Just remember to carry your wallet or card and wear comfortable shoes when visiting the best shopping malls in Gaborone. 

1. Airport Junction Mall

Airport Junction Mall, topping our list of best shopping malls in Gaborone, takes its name from the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (SSKIA).

Airport Junction Mall

Airport Junction Mall. Photo/ Crypto-Places Directory.

The mall, which is located on the way to the airport, sits on a 5,1145 sqm piece of land. 

The strategic location of the mall, just 7.2 km away from SSKIA, makes it ideal for travellers to stop by and do some shopping or dine before resuming their journey. 

Airport Junction Mall is on par with some of the best shopping malls in Africa. The mall has 104 stores and 2378 parking spaces, including underground parking. It’s clean, bright, fresh and easily accessible if you’re in Gaborone. 

The mall has family-friendly restaurants like Rocco Mamas, Cappuccinos, Ocean Basket and Rhapsody. It also has a spacious play area for children near those eateries. 

The AP mall hosts annual events such as Christmas carols and Wine Tasting. 

2. Riverwalk Mall 

Riverwalk Mall is one of the shopping malls in Gaborone worth visiting. It is home to several Western-style malls that have supermarkets, restaurants, bars, banks, takeaways, shops and even petrol stations. 

The mall is clean and has safe parking lots, making it a great stopover for travellers transiting to South Africa through the Tlokweng border.

Riverwalk Mall

Outside Riverwalk Mall. Photo/ Hello Gaborone.

The restaurants offer a variety of meals, including the Brazilian Rodizio, Wimpy, Nandos, Mugg and Bean. 

Riverwalk Mall, the cornerstone of modern retail in Gaborone, was developed in partnership with the Botswana Developmental Corporation. It is home to the biggest commercial tenants both locally and from abroad. 

3. Game City Mall 

Game City is the largest and one of the busiest malls in Botswana. It has been operating since 2002 and currently comprises 51000 sqm and another two phases of around 8000 sqm. 

The mall, located near the Kgale Hill landmark, has a simple design and layout, making it easy for people to find what they want. 

Game City, one of the best shopping malls in Gaborone, is home to international brands, such as American Swiss, Aldo and Samsung shops.

The mall has a parking space, quality restaurants, hair salons, IT shops, a bookshop and a music shop. 

There is also an entertainment area which corporate gatherings, such as birthday parties, music events and weddings. 

4. Main Mall 

Main Mall, built in 1963, is one of the oldest malls in Africa. The mall is flanked by the government enclave, city council to the east and Botswana parliament to the west. 

Despite the emergence of new modern shopping malls in Gaborone, many people still visit Main Mall, which was built when the city was at its earliest developmental stages. 

The mall has an open walkway where shows, exhibitions, and the selling of crafts are done. It also has banks, restaurants, shops and business offices. 

5. Rail Park Mall 

Rail Park, managed by Turntar Holdings, is one of the most popular shopping malls in Gaborone. The mall is located in the city centre and has a luggage lounge for shoppers and travellers with heavy luggage.

Restaurants in the mall include KFC, Debonairs pizza and local eateries with traditional cuisines. 

Rail Park is popular for hosting market day events to encourage and promote local entrepreneurs. 

It has brands such as Standard Chartered Bank, FNB, Clicks, Dischem and Choppies.

Rail Park Mall

Rail Park Mall in Gaborone, Botswana. Photo/ Khumo Property.

How Many Malls Does Gaborone Have? 

The greater Gaborone area has three big shopping malls, the largest two shopping malls being Airport Junction and Game City. 

Other malls include Rail Park, Riverwalk, Mowano Park, Molapo Crossing, Sebeli Mall and Main Mall.

What Should I Buy In Gaborone?  

  • Pottery 
  • Terracotta 
  • Weaving 
  • Wood carvings
  • Bushmen’s handicrafts 

Who Owns The Fields Mall in Botswana? 

The Fields Mall is a retail property of CBD Fields Holdings (Pty) Ltd. It opened its doors to customers on July 28, 2022. 

The mall sits on 26,000 square meters of trading space, and its location harbours a historical annexe. 

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