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Things Married, Unmarried Muslims Shouldn’t Do During Ramadan

Written by Teresa Mwangi

A Holy month it is. And it comes with Ramadan rules for boyfriend and girlfriend or rather, dos and don’ts for couples during Ramadan.

Muslims are devoted to their faith and observe every teaching of the Quran religiously. For 30 days, Muslims around the world fast for 12 hours each day, pray fervently, self-reflect and strengthen their faith in Allah.

With all these spiritual undertakings, Islam forbids certain deeds among men and women during this period. It’s an interesting outlook and See Africa Today digs deep into this subject during this period.

Can I Kiss My Boyfriend During Ramadan?

Muslims during Ramadan

A Muslim couple. Photo/

Ideally, Islam does not condone randy behaviour among unmarried couples. It suffices to say that any intimate act before marriage goes against the doctrine of the religion. Intimacy is a preserve of married couples while the rest practice celibacy until marriage.

Muslims believe in love which is why a formal marriage is important between a couple who have the conviction to be together. However, there is a set of rules for boyfriend and girlfriend governing this whole situation. Married couples are not an exception.

  • Couples who are engaged should stay away from one another and anything that can end their fast
  • You can have a wedding during Ramadan but not during Hajj
  • Engaged couples should fast together and break it with their Muslim brothers and sisters
  • No bedroom marathon for married couples during active fasting hours
  • You can hug but nothing beyond this
  • Don’t sit close to a woman and don’t look at her
  • Pray separately from a woman
  • No couple fights during Ramadan
  • Limit communication with women

What Are The Restrictions For Couples During Ramadan?

In case you think that Ramadan rules for boyfriend and girlfriend are stringent, wait until you read below the restrictions for couples during Ramadan. They include the following:

  • Enjoying the forbidden fruit should never happen over fasting hours
  • If you disobey, you must fast for sixty more days or provide food for six needy individual
  • Light intimacy such as hugs is allowed
  • Marital fights are an abomination and an affliction to the Muslim faith
  • A married man can only sit beside his wife, mother and blood relatives only

Can I Touch My Boyfriend In Ramadan?

According to Islam dictates and Ramadan rules for boyfriend and girlfriend are non-existent. In the perfect religious description, this is ‘haraam’ meaning it is an abomination. Think of this. Shaking hands between unmarried men and women is even a greater haram in the eyes of Allah.

Without a doubt, having a boyfriend or girlfriend is a serious offence. Only spouses are permitted to engage in adult activities So is a man with a female slave (concubine). You are forbidden from having a relationship, shaking hands with him, or spending time alone with him if you are not married or not his concubine.

Muslim woman cooking

Muslim women in the Kitchen. Photo/EB Frozen Food

Can I Cook For My Boyfriend During Ramadan?

Forget about Ramadan rules for boyfriend and girlfriend for a moment and think about food during the Holy Month. While fasting stretches for 12 hours every day, Muslims have an opening (iftar) and a closing meal (suhur).

You partake in Iftar in the evening and Suhoor early in the morning before the 12-hour fasting period. A woman is at liberty to cook for her partner but it is not a rule cast in stone. If your spouse chooses not to fast during the month of Ramadan without having a legitimate excuse—such as illness, travel, or old age—you are not required to prepare meals or provide beverages for him.

If you give him food or drink [during the hours of fasting], you are breaking the law because you help someone who is committing sin.

Can Husband And Wife Bath Together In Ramadan?

Taking a bath together as a husband and wife is perfectly acceptable. This is a form of enjoyment that requires the spouses’ permission. Islam doesn’t have any say in how a couple should interact with one another on this front.

The late Sheikh Muhammad Nasiruddin Al-Albani had some words of wisdom regarding this. He wrote in his book Aadab Az-Zifaf Fi As-Sunnah Al-Mutahharah that it is acceptable for a husband and wife to take a bath together. Further that it isn’t haram being in the same location and seeing each other’s most natural state.


From the basic teachings on purity by the Quaran, Ramadan rules for boyfriend and girlfriend shouldn’t even exist. Islam views it as haraam. Nevertheless, Ramadan is a great month to strengthen one’s faith.

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