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High-end Turkish Fashion Retailer Behind Kenyans’ Trendy Looks

LC Waikiki
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A strong sense of fashion welcomes you to the streets of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. You easily pique fashionable trends in the city. And one of the capital’s fashion hubs is LC Waikiki Kenya stores.

Nothing beats the stylish designs and quality wear outfits from Turkey which is LC Waikiki’s birthplace. The opening of a new season at their flagship location at Two Rivers Mall cements LC Waikiki’s fashion retail brand status in East Africa.

The internationally renowned fashion retail celebrated its fifth anniversary in Kenya in July 2022. While keeping with its mission of “Everyone Deserves to Dress Well” LC Waikiki celebrates its success in the Sub-Saharan African market.

This Turkish brand was founded in 1988. It started trading in Turkey under the parent company LC Waikiki Retailing Services in 1997. Now 34 years since its inception, the fashion retailer continues to expand both domestically and internationally.

How Many Stores Does LC Waikiki Have in Kenya?

LC Waikiki Kenya Stores

LC Waikiki Kenya Stores. Photo by Apparel Resources

LC Waikiki Kenya stores are now nine. Nairobi has the lion’s share with six stores while Mombasa, Kenya’s second-largest city has a store as well as Nakuru and Kisumu.

Major shopping malls in Nairobi house the Turkish fashion retailer. So, the next time you’re in Nairobi, drop into the following malls and see what the retailer has to offer.

  1. The Hub
  2. TRM
  3. Sarit Center
  4. The Junction Mall
  5. Two River
  6. Carrefour Mega

How Many Stores Does LC Waikiki Have?

The retail behemoth continues to run around 1200 outlets in 54 countries – the nine LC Waikiki Kenya stores being among them. These stores are in 347 distinct cities across four continents and employ more than 56,000 people worldwide.

The introduction of the Kenya Season is evidence of the brand’s success in the African market. An ambitious plan is underway to launch five more stores in Kenya to bring the total stores to 14 by the end of 2022.

New additional stores will spread out to the five major areas in Kenya, with a second store in Mombasa in the plan.

Sevda Bilen, country manager for LC Waikiki says Kenya is a key investment area of the African region. With over 300 workers in this East African country, the love for Turkish fashion is insurmountable.

LC Waikiki dominates the fashion market in 22 out of the 54 countries it operates in.

Who Owns LC Waikiki in Kenya?

LC Waikiki Kenya stores are under LC Waikiki Retailing Services with its headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. The company grew here after its acquisition by a French-born Turkish-based investor.

In 1988, three French-born partners founded LC Waikiki, which first operated as a wholesale company. The trio registered the entity in Paris, and its t-shirt and sweatshirt designs initially caught people’s attention.

Then, its ownership was transferred to George Amouyal as the lone shareholder after the separation of the two original partners. In 1997, Tema Tekstil, a subsidiary of Taha Group and the producer and licensor of LC Waikiki in Turkey, acquired the brand’s global licensing rights.

LC Waikiki Kenya Stores

LC Waikiki Kenya Stores. Photo by Apparel Stores

Tema Tekstil, a subsidiary of Taha Group rebranded to LC Waikiki Retailing Services upon the acquisition of all brand rights. Amouyal got a 7% share of the business and still gets royalties although he is less involved in its running.

How Much is LC Waikiki Worth?

LC Waikiki had a fashion market share of $400 million in Turkey as of 2021. This means it controls 10% of the e-commerce space. The company registered $516.3 million in global net sales.

It has an annual revenue of around $2.5 billion. According to the Istanbul-based retailer, 530 million goods sold out in 2021.

By establishing connections with diverse cultures in numerous markets, LC Waikiki has set the objective of providing inexpensive fashion outside of Turkey. They are dedicated to offering products that are appropriate for customers of all ages and price ranges. In the coming years, the Turkish company hopes to have more than 1500 locations worldwide.

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