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South African Hotel With Excellent Services by Robots

Hotel Sky Sandton Johannesburg
Written by Teresa Mwangi

You haven’t seen the best of robot services at an African hotel but Hotel Sky Sandton Johannesburg gives you a taste.

It started using robot staff for the first time on the continent following Covid-19 pandemic. These robots, Micah, Ariel and Lexi, came in to bridge the gap created by social isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In case you are in doubt, each robot could do room service, answer questions by visitors, and carry bags up to 165 pounds. Visitor at the hotel have/had the choice of interacting with personnel or using self-service features like self-check-in.

To keep business going, the hotel’s mobile app allowed customers to place meal orders, access their rooms, and communicate with employees.

Who is the Owner of Hotel Sky?

Paul Kelley founded Hotel Sky Sandton Johannesburg. He is the managing director of hotel developer Richland Holdings. The company has wide dealings in the real estate sector including consultancy and is based in Johannesburg.

Hotel Sky Sandton

Hotel Sky Sandton. Photo by

Kelly says his goal is to provide customers with a hotel experience unlike any other.  That’s why it moved to utilising the latest technology available to support each hotel staff member. Herman Brits, the hotel’s general manager told Travel Noire that the robots are a means of adapting to the constantly shifting hospitality landscape and the demands of its clients.

Thus, Ariel, Micah and Lexi step in to complete the technological gap but they can never replace the human staff in entirety. Brits is clear about this adding that they only complement the experience of the hotel’s guests.

What’s appealing about these robots is that they rock catchy outfits and represent South African fashion icons.  Although a foreign business provided the robotics hardware for the hotel, CTRL Robotics in South Africa developed the software that controlled the robots.

The cloud-based brain of the robots is the CTRL Robotics platform, which stores all requests and information and relays it down to each robot as needed.

How Many Rooms Does Hotel Sky Have?

Hotel Sky Sandton Johannesburg located along 150 West Street has 453 rooms.  Besides, the hotel has multiple conference locations, and a variety of top-notch restaurants and bars.

It is South Africa’s smartest hotel after spending close to R28 million on cutting-edge technology. It spared no expense in procuring this technology to produce a simplified visitor experience, and now it is challenging SA’s hotel industry.

That’s why it included humanoid robots with artificial intelligence that serve customers in their rooms and serve as waiters or concierge assistants. This cloud platform was created in a way that allows a number of robots to operate individually, in fleets, or together.

This robotic set up help the hotel improve guest engagement and operational efficiency.

Does Hotel Sky Have WiFi?

Every room in Hotel Sky Sandton Johannesburg has high-speed Wi-Fi. This Sandton-based hotel prides itself a dream-come-true destination. The theme behind it all is guest cherishing every moment they spend here.

Hotel Sky promises an experience unlike any other. Whether you’re dining in its opulent restaurants, sipping a sundowner in one of the cocktail bars; you get the best.

Hotel Sky Sandton

Hotel Sky Sandton. Photo by Travel + Leisure

You also get a chance to converse with one of the three AI-enabled robots, or listening to automated grand piano perform on request. The Yamaha piano at the hotel has a built-in play list that can be changed at any time and can be played manually or automatically.

According to Kelly, itweb reports, as the piano plays, you can see the foot pedals and keystrokes. If a Yamaha-signed musician has a live performance, they stream it in, and the piano will mimic the performer’s keystrokes.

The whole event is projected on the large screens in the lounge. It creates an impression of going to a live event, which many people undoubtedly miss.

Hotel Sky Sandton Johannesburg is a real a revolutionary changing things in the African hospitality scene.

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