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6 Hidden Restaurants in Nairobi You Haven’t Visited

hidden restaurants in Nairobi
Written by Teresa Mwangi

There’s a secret food world waiting to be discovered in the hidden restaurants in Nairobi beyond its busy streets and lively atmosphere. These restaurants offer a rich invitation of flavours and scents beckoning guests looking for a real taste of Kenyan food and a peek into the city’s diversified culinary landscape.

You get all this in a setting tucked away from tourist attractions and the mainstream eating scene. Further, these undiscovered jewels provide a distinctive eating experience where passion and tradition combine to create culinary masterpieces. They exist in quiet corners or plain structures within the city and they are the pride of Nairobi’s culinary scene.

Which Are The Hidden Restaurants in Nairobi?

There is some liveliness in visiting restaurants tucked away from the busy Nairobi Central Business District (CBD). Below are some of the most amazing hidden restaurants in Nairobi.

Wasp & Sprout

hidden restaurants in nairobi

Wasp & Sprout In Nairobi. Photo/Wasp&Sprout

Wasp & Sprout in the heart of Loresho is a haven for health-conscious foodies looking to spend great moments in the leafy suburbs of the Kenyan capital. For those looking for healthy, tasty meals, this quaint eatery has a devoted following thanks to its cozy atmosphere and attractive décor.

The inventiveness and resourcefulness of Kenya’s culinary sector are demonstrated by the menu at Wasp & Sprout. The main ingredients are fresh, locally obtained materials that are converted into filling and healthful recipes.

This restaurant offers a wide variety of menu items to suit a variety of tastes, including colorful salads, filling bowls, creative wraps, and substantial burgers.

Hidden Gem

hidden restaurants in nairobi

Hidden Gem in Lavington, Nairobi. Photo/Capital News

Are you in love with a taste of authentic Kenyan cuisine? Venture off the beaten path and into the depths of Nairobi’s backstreets, and you’ll stumble upon Hidden Gem. It’s an absolute hidden culinary delight. This unassuming establishment, tucked away near Chandarana Foodplus near the Lavington Mall, is a haven for those seeking an authentic taste of Kenyan cuisine.

As you walk into Hidden Gem, the smell of spices fills the air, providing a delicious taste of the culinary treats to come. The menu offers a variety of traditional Kenyan foods that are lovingly made using family-honored recipes passed down through the years. The restaurant takes its customers to the core of Kenyan culinary traditions.

Delight in dishes like succulent nyama choma, grilled meat skewers, hearty plates of ugali, and savory soups bubbling with exotic spices. That’s the beauty of the hidden restaurants in Nairobi.

The Arbor

hidden restaurants Nairobi

The Arbor. Photo/Binny’s Food Travel

The Arbor is located in a calm area in Karen, surrounded by lush nature. Tucked away in the grounds of the Karen Blixen Museum, this culinary gem provides a gourmet dining experience that is both sophisticated and laid back. Its menu showcases the restaurant’s commitment to using only the freshest, most seasonal ingredients combined with creative cooking methods.

Kenyan cuisine’s vivid colours and textures are showcased in the creative presentation of the dishes. The Arbor pleases picky eaters with everything from tasty meats and tempting sweets to exquisite salads and succulent seafood dishes.

Tin Roof Cafe

Nairobi hidden restaurants

Tin Roof Cafe. Photo/El Orange

Discover Tin Roof Cafe, is a hidden gem tucked away in Dagoretti and Langata areas of Nairobi. What’s special about this café is that you get to enjoy environmentally aware dining. With its dedication to sustainability and moral business methods, this quaint restaurant has grown to be a favourite among customers who care about the environment.

The Tin Roof Cafe’s cuisine reflects the restaurant’s commitment to employing organic, locally produced ingredients whenever feasible. There are plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free alternatives available, so patrons with dietary requirements can still enjoy the flavours of Kenyan food. The café also provides a guilt-free eating experience with everything from inventive sandwiches and filling desserts to crisp salads and substantial soups.

CJ’s Waterfront

Enjoy a wonderful riverfront dining experience away from the bustle of the city At CJ’s Waterfront. Nestled beside the picturesque Nairobi River, this hidden gem provides a menu full of delectable dishes coupled with a peaceful atmosphere.

The tranquil sounds of the flowing river and the lovely vistas of the surrounding greenery welcome you as soon as you step onto the patio at CJ’s Waterfront. The decor of the restaurant creates a welcoming environment for a delightful meal experience, exuding an exquisite yet carefree vibe. Moreover, its downtown location bringing it among the fully hidden restaurants in Nairobi.

Chez Nyama

Carnivores will love Chez Nyama, a secret gem tucked away in Kilimani suburbs. For those looking for a meat-focused dining experience, this humble eatery has developed a cult following thanks to its cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The menu is a meat lover’s paradise, with a variety of well-cooked, luscious grilled meats.

Chez Nyama satisfies the needs of every meat lover with everything from tasty ribs and succulent sausages to soft steaks and juicy chops. It serves a variety of side dishes, such as crispy fries, creamy mashed potatoes, and roasted vegetables, to go with the abundance of meats. The restaurant also has a large selection of wines, so there’s bound to be a match made in heaven for each meal.


Nairobi’s culinary landscape extends far beyond the bustling streets and tourist hotspots to the hidden restaurants in Nairobi. Venture into the city’s hidden corners and discover a world of flavours, aromas, and traditions. These hidden gems, each with its unique charm and culinary offerings, offer a glimpse into the heart of Kenyan cuisine and the passion that drives the city’s culinary community.

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