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Explore The Truck House: Creation By Kenyan BBC Journalist

The Truck House in Machakos
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How is your travel dream like? Do you have a unique way you would like people to experience in your country? Well, Ian Wafula – BBC journalist – from Kenya is living his tourism dream in the now-famous Truck House.

The Truck House in Machakos

The Truck House in Machakos. [Photo: Ian Wafula]

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Truck House In Machakos

The magnificent truck house sits in a plot of land he owns in Machakos. Wafula’s will was to revolutionize Kenya’s tourism with a focus on accommodation. And this is how he came up with the idea of a truck converted into a loft.

Today, the one-bedroom loft sits still in the vicinity of Machakos – at Makutano Junction – an old military truck sits quietly.

Initially, Wafula planned to build a cozy home using containers, but the thought of an old truck converted into a house came.

“I initially wanted to build a container home but later decided to get a truck and build around it instead,” he says while explaining how he finally got the truck loft.

The Idea Behind The Trick House

Wafula took to social media and searched thoroughly for an ideal truck for his project with just an idea. Luckily, he found military trucks in Thika belonging to the government rotting away in a car yard. And this was the beginning of his adventurous journey in building the truck house.

He paid for the truck and towing services. Finally, the truck sat still in Makutano. A plan of how to convert the truck into a beautiful truck was ready. It was simple. Construct a two-storey building on the truck to create space using prefabricated material; it is cheaper and easier to use.

How The Truck House Appears

You would think it is just another tiny house fitting a bed and a couch at a distance, but you are wrong! It is spacious and features everything an ordinary house has. Power and running water are always available.

In the loft, a fully furnished cozy bedroom sits in wait of a guest. Further, the truck has a barbecue area to complete the feeling home-away-from feeling. Barbecue is part of Kenya’s travel culture; without it, the experience is not complete. Kenyans love their serving of proteins.


In the living area of the loft, comfort is a huge statement. Big screens welcome you to a significant moment in your life. You choose to sit back, enjoy a drink of your choice while following up on your favorite movie. Or, you can relax as you enjoy some excellent music in the loft while viewing the beauty of Machakos.

The Truck House in Machakos.

The Truck House in Machakos. [Photo: Ian Wafula]

A small pool features in the compound. Extraordinary moments are spent here with the serenity of the area and amazing views of the truck house. The decor is a mix of Afro and modern furnishing designed to give off a cozy feel. The warm lighting adds to the intimate vibe of the open-plan living area, kitchen, and dining area.

 The loft is where the action is at. It has a queen-size bed with fairy lights all around it, a projector, and a powerful sound system for a cinematic experience. Natural light flows through the large windows, giving a clear view of the surrounding farmlands and Kyumbi Hill.

Wafula confesses that it was stunning even to the neighbors. They couldn’t wrap their mind around his whole plan until construction was over. He recalls a neighbor offering him two containers in exchange for the truck.

“Everyone who was coming there thought I was crazy. A neighbor even offered to give me two containers to build a house in exchange for the truck,” he recounts.

Truck House On Airbnb

Wafula planned to make this stunning truck house his home. It is ideal to live in and easily accessible to and from the city where he works. But, he wants to spread the love and experience of his creativity to other people.

You will find the truck house on Airbnb described as “Kenya’s first tiny home built on wheels. It is creatively built on an old truck and rises two storeys high.”

“The truck head has been artfully converted into an office with a beautiful skylight. It has a lush compound with a manicured lawn, a colorful garden with an above-ground pool, and a barbecue and bonfire provisions. The rooftop, which provides a great view of Kyumbi Hill and the surrounding area, is the perfect spot to watch the sunset and stargaze.”

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