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9 Nairobi Restaurants With the Best Ethiopian Food

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Ethiopia is one of the countries in the world known for its delicious and distinctive meals. Ethiopian food stands out from the rest of African dishes. There are several restaurants all over the world cooking the best Ethiopian food.

Most Ethiopian dishes are good for health beause they are low in fat ancd nutrient-dense. The most common Ethiopian dishes include injera, tibs, kitfo, beyainatu, enkulal firfir and dabbo firfir.

Restaurants cooking the best Ethiopian food will have your taste buds experience awe.

Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant

Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant is located on Argwings Kodhek Road, Hurlingham. The restaurant is well known for its authentic wide array of traditional and hearty Ethiopian cuisine. 

The restaurant gives a homely atmosphere to the clients enjoying their meals.

Yejoka Garden

Yejoka Gardens. Photo/Facebook

Yejoka Garden is another restaurant in Nairobi serving the best Ethiopian food. The restaurant is well known for its wide array of tasty cuisine.

Yejoka Garden is located on Wood Avenue, Off Argwings Kodhek Road. The Nairobi-based restaurant also has a lounge with several Ethiopian and local drinks.

Yedil Café & Restaurant

Yedil Café & Restaurant serves a variety of Ethiopian cuisines. The restaurant also serves different types of drinks to the customers.  Yedil Café & Restaurant is located at the Metropolitan Court, Argwings Kodhek Road.

Asmara Restaurant

Asmara Restaurant is one of the biggest restaurants in Nairobi, serving the best Ethiopian food.

Asmara offers a unique dining and culinary experience in a contemporary afro setting. The restaurant serves different Ethiopian foods such as injera and the cuisine.

Asmara has different branches located in Karen, Pangani and Westlands.

Abyssinia Exotic Restaurant

Abyssinia Exotic Restaurant is one of the finest restaurants in Nairobi. The restaurant has branches in Kilimani and Westlands.

Abyssinia offers a unique experience of authentic and delicious Ethiopian food. The Ethiopian dishes at the restaurant are affordable.

Sheger Ethiopian Restaurant

Sheger Ethiopian Restaurant offers all types of delicious Ethiopian meals. It is undoubtedly one of the Nairobi-based restaurants with the best Ethiopian food.

Sheger is a stylish and simple restaurant located in New Trafford Court Apartments, Kilimani Road.

Elleven Ethiopian Restaurant

Elleven Ethiopian Restaurant. Photo/

Elleven Ethiopian Restaurant is one of the best places to sample Ethiopian dishes. The restaurant, which is also known as Bracy Farm, is located in Karen, Nandi Road.

Dejina Smart Village Restaurant

Dejina Smart Village Restaurant is located in Hurlingham. The restaurant offers different Ethiopian dishes prepared by highly experienced chefs.

Apart from the Ethiopian dishes, Dejina also offers Eritrean dishes and drinks.

Awash Ethiopian Restaurant

Awash is located on Mabaruk Road, Golf Course Estate. The restaurant was established in 1986 and has been serving delicious traditional meals over the years.

What is the Best Ethiopian Dish?

Tibs is one of the best Ethiopian dishes. It is made of lamb or sliced beef pan-fried in butter, garlic and onion.

Tibs comes in different shape and size depending on the cuts of meats used.

What is the Most Eaten Food in Ethiopia?

Shiro be Kibbe is the most popular food in Ethiopia. It is eaten by people of all classes in Ethiopia.

Shiro is made by combining chickpeas with kibbe and flour of ground split peas or spiced clarified butter. Once prepared, shiro be kibbe looks reddish and very delicious.

What is Ethiopia’s Main Dish? 

Doro Wat (also spelt wot) is the main dish in Ethiopia. Preparation for cooking doro wat begins with killing and thoroughly cleaning a chicken before dividing it into four pieces.

Onions for the chicken are finely chopped and slowly simmered in spiced clarified butter. A hefty amount of spiced blend containing basil, ginger, garlic, cardamom, and chile peppers is then added.

After the chicken stew, a boiled egg is added with slits then the delicious meal is then served.

What is the Most Popular Restaurant in Ethiopia? 

Maleda is the most popular restaurant in Ethiopia. The restaurant serves both local and international meals prepared by professional chefs.

Maleda Restaurant is open Monday to Sunday from 06:30 AM – 11 PM.

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