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6 Things Tourists Cannot Do in Morocco

what tourists can’t do in Morocco
Written by Teresa Mwangi

Medieval cities, globally acclaimed architecture and interior give it all away about North Africa. But, did you know what tourists can’t do in Morocco matters as much?

In 2022 alone, Morocco received 10.9 million international tourists.  The country’s longstanding traditions, tourist spots, and breathtaking sceneries among many other things provide the much-desired captivating destination. For example, Marrakesh is one of the most popular destinations for travellers in Morocco.

It still maintains the allure of its imperialism decades later but has an unwavering foundation in Moroccan traditions. That’s why thousands of visitors visit the region each year. With such a huge number of foreign visitors, it is important to educate all and sundry what tourists can’t do in Morocco. Be aware of the following:

Dishonouring Islam Dictates

what tourists can’t do in Morocco

Islam in Morocco. Photo/Middle East Eye

The majority of Moroccans identify as Muslims, making Islam the official religion in this North African country. In addition, most Moroccans are Sunni Muslims, although there are also a sizable number of people who adhere to various Sufi ideals. Although Morocco is one the open-minded Islamic countries, disrespecting Islam causes high levels of irritability among the people.

Thus visitors should be cautious in how they do or say things that touch on the ideals of Islam. A great tip to keeping things on the green when in Morocco is always inquire about the religion in order to learn more about it. As you do this, refrain from expressing potentially divisive viewpoints and keep talking about Islam within the acceptable ideals.

Respect local customs by dressing modestly and abiding by restrictions prohibiting non-Muslims from entering places like mosques.

Don’t Use Your Left Hand To Eat

Eating with your left hand is one falls under what tourists can’t do in Morocco. Moroccans typically consume a lot of their meals with their hands. However, be sure to only use your right hand to eat. The left hand is regarded as filthy because of its cleaning activities in the loo. While accidentally using your left hand to eat won’t likely result in any drama, it might draw a few glances.

The history behind this is that Muslims initially used their left hand to wipe themselves with water when there was no disposable toilet paper or other cleaning supplies available. Decades after this, the left hand still feels dirty because of its connection to body waste, and this custom still stands.

Moreover, Islam explains that since the left hand is employed for additional activities seen as impure, such as cleaning soiled dishes or handling trash; you shouldn’t eat with it. Lastly, Muslims hypothetically cite that the devil is left-handed which makes him wicked.

Vilify The Monarchy

The Moroccan monarch holds a lot of reverence in society. Therefore; making fun of, condemning, or generally speaking ill of the Moroccan king (lèse-majesté) is against Moroccan law. A few careless mutterings may be offensive, but going too far may result in a three-year prison sentence. Defacing anything bearing the king’s likeness is strictly forbidden. For a trouble-free journey, observe these Moroccan laws.

Dress Decently

what tourists can’t do in Morocco

Tourists visiting Morocco. Photo/Voyages Afriq

Fashion and a Muslim nation; you have a clear idea of what tourists can’t do in Morocco. Dressing decently is a requirement. In accordance with cultural and religious traditions. Moroccan fashion is often considered to be conservative. No matter how hot it is outside, beachwear is not ideal for visiting Moroccan cities, towns, and villages. Keep your bathing suits and bikinis at the beach, and cover up when you go to your hotel, restaurant, or anywhere else.

Not Everyone Speaks English

While it’s easy to bump into an English-speaking local in popular tourist hubs like Marrakech, Fez, Rabat, Tangier, and Casablanca, don’t bank on it in less populated or isolated sections.

Knowing a few Spanish words or French words can be quite helpful due to the effects of Spain’s and France’s colonisation attempts. However, those who are proficient in basic Arabic communicate with ease across Morocco since it’s an Arabic-speaking nation.

Visiting Marrakesh Only

Marrakesh is without a doubt a top African destination but what tourists can’t do in Morocco is explore this city alone. There is so much more to this North African country. Visit the Sahara Desert, Atlas Mountains, Casablanca and a few excursions in Essaouira, Ouarzazate, the Ouzoud Waterfalls, and the Ourika Valley.

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