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Soak in Majestic Treatment at Morocco’s Most Expensive Hotel

Royal Mansour
Written by Abraham Odhiambo

The most expensive hotel in Morocco, Royal Mansour Marrakech creates a spectacular masterpiece which exceeds the demands of today’s discerning travellers. 

From luxurious treatments in the Moroccan spa and sophisticated riads to concierge service, the hotel is a voyage in itself.  Royal Mansour Marrakech reflects the true essence of Moroccan tradition, culinary arts and an innate sense of beauty.

If you’re looking for a perfect destination to spend the winter period, then look no more because it has got you covered.  The hotel should be on your bucket list given its majestic and unforgettable experiences. 

Royal Mansour

The most expensive hotel in Morocco. Photo/ Lute.

Celebrities such as DJ David Guetta, Enrique Iglesias, and Alicia Keys and Royal families worldwide have visited Royal Mansour Marrakech. 

Royal Mansour Marrakech has won several awards, including:

  • World Travel Awards – Africa’s Leading Luxury Hotel Villa
  • Prestigious Star Awards – World’s most prestigious venue
  • Forbes Travel Guide
  • 2020-21 Best Grand Hotel in the World 
  • Morocco’s leading Hotel villa
  • Haute Grandeur Awards: Best Spa Destination, Best Hotel Spa in Morocco. 

Where is Royal Mansour Hotel? 

Royal Mansour, the most expensive hotel in Morocco, is set within the walls of Marrakech’s old city. The hotel sits on the eastern edge of Medina, in Hivernage, 10mn away from the Marrakech International Airport. 

Royal Mansour is a 10mn walk from Jamaa El Fna Square and provides quick access to several tourist attractions. 

The hotel, owned by the King of Morocco, was opened in 2010. Luis Vallejo designed every shape, scent and colour of the Marrakech hotel.

Royal Mansour Hotel

Royal Mansour Marrakech. Photo/ The Turquoise Collection.

VIP Treatment at Royal Mansour 

The VIP treatment at the most expensive hotel in Morocco starts as soon as you land at the airport. The hotel sends a member of staff to the airport to usher you through the VIP lanes, so you don’t queue at immigration. 

Afterwards, the chauffeurs pick up your luggage and give you an escort to the Bentley Limousine, which drives you to the hotel. The Limousine is complete with snacks, bottled water and hand towels. 

Royal Mansour hotel restaurants and room service have a rating of three Michelin stars.

The ‘breakfast of kings’ is served to you in a candlelit atmosphere giving you an unforgettable experience. The plates on your table look just like mini works of art. 

A visit to the spa guarantees the best treatment in the wellness temple. If you think you’ve experienced all, there is still a spacious pool to explore, which is an oasis in the middle of the bustling city.

How Much Does it Cost to Spend a Night at the Most Expensive Hotel in Morocco? 

The price of one night at Royal Mansour starts from 900 euros to 35,000 euros for the presidential suite or the four-bedroom Riad H’onneur. 

The cost is high, but you should note that when you book a room at the hotel, you don’t get one bedroom like in ordinary hotels. 

The amount you’ll pay for a normal suite stands for a magnificent three-floor riad, three bathrooms, a living room, a bedroom and a dining room. You’ll also have a top-floor rooftop terrace with a seating area and plunge pool. 

If you pay for the Riad H’onneur, you get four bedrooms, a steam room, a gym, a sauna, a full-sized swimming pool on the roof, and everything in a normal suite. 

Master bedroom

One of the bedrooms of Riad H’onneur. Photo/ TravelPlusStyle.

Where Do The Kardashians Stay in Morocco? 

What isn’t fictional in episode six of the series is Anna and co’s staying at La Mamounia, which is a luxurious hotel in Morocco. 

La Mamounia is also one of the best hotels in Morocco. 

Which Hotel is the Most Expensive in the World? 

Whereas Royal Mansour is the most expensive hotel in Morocco, The Lover’s Deep St. Lucia Submarine is the most expensive in the world.

The underwater hotel, famously known as The Lovers Deep, is specifically designed to give lovers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Everything that smells luxury is in the submarine, including a champagne-soaked breakfast and a two-person shower. 

How Much is La Mamounia Per Night?

The cost of spending a night at La Mamounia varies depending on your travel dates and the room you book. But the cost goes for an average of $1,145 per night. 

Sometimes you can find great deals as low as $447. 

What Was the Moroccan Hotel in Inventing Anna?

Inventing Anna filmed “Friends in Low Places” at La Mamounia, in the same place Delvey and co rented in 2017. 

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