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Kenya Changed My Life – American Singer Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez visit to Kenya
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American pop star Selena Gomez visit to Kenya means so much to her, more than you can imagine. It is her dream home which she can’t trade for anything going by her latest documentary, My Mind & Me.

She captures her greatest life moments, her lowest, and her struggles. For instance, the American singer recounts how her 10-day journey to Kenya drastically transformed her life. This was after struggling with her mental health for the past six years.

While she is one of the many celebrities, who’ve been to this amazing East African country, her connection with it is special.

Has Selena Gomez Been to Kenya?

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez. Photo by getty images

In 2019, Selena Gomez visit to Kenya came much to the surprise of many people because she was all praises about this African country. She admits that while shooting the documentary, her Kenyan trip nearly missed out. It was one of the hardest part of her life to speaking about, and not for a bad reason.

Flying to Kenya for 10 days was the best decision she had ever made in her life. In retrospect, it came after a series of hard times; she only wanted to keep it to herself.

Why Did Selena Gomez go to Kenya?

Selena Gomez visit to Kenya was to find herself and bring peace in her life because it was a mess, she says. After undergoing a kidney transplant in 2017, she battled a highly publicised on-and-off relationship with superstar Justin Bieber that ended in a breakup.

The 29-year-old would then be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and this had a significant negative a huge impact on her life. All of this set a course for mental struggle, which was hard on her. Interestingly, it was in Kenya where she found fulfilment and happiness.

Selena is a perpetual “emotional mess” during the entire documentary streamed by AppleTV+. It follows her through Kenya, London, and Paris. She is only photographed having great moments of joy in Kenya. She admitted that she didn’t want to leave because Kenya was so lovely and therapeutic.

Covid restrictions prevented her from flying back to the one place where she felt at peace. The joy and calmness coupled of being in Kenya, for once, made her feel so appreciated.

The ‘Ice Cream’ hitmaker implored that Kenyans appreciate her, unlike back home where people view her as a product. She claims that she received humane treatment in Kenya while she feels like a ‘product’ back home. Promoters and fans view her no more than an entertainer.

Where Has Selena Gomez Traveled to?

Paris, London and a ton of other African countries have hosted the sassy singer. This adds to Selena Gomez visit to Kenya where she found a lot of peace and joy. In the comment sections, her sympathetic international supporters have pushed her to move to Kenya because she is more appreciated.

She safeguards her mental well-being while here, which is all that matters to her. At the height of Covid-19, she posted sassy photos of having a great time in Hawaii following her album Rare’s release.

Gomez flew to Italy with her friends and grandmother to celebrate her 27th birthday. She could have returned to Kenya, but travel restrictions at the time pushed her off. What’s interesting about her travel is that she made the London-Paris-Kenya visit a secret project. The aftermath was falling in love with Africa in exceptional ways.

Selena Gomez visit to Kenya

Selena Gomez. Photo by Yahoo

Where is Selena Currently Living?

Selena Gomez has a luxurious home in Los Angeles. Additionally, Gomez spent $4.9 million (£4.3 million) in April 2020 on a stunning home designed by the late singer-songwriter Tom Petty and filled with wellness amenities.

The massive estate is the ideal private getaway for the pop star. It is situated on nearly an acre of ground at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in the upscale Encino neighbourhood of the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley.

With approximately 11,500 square feet of interior space, the enormous house contains a stunning double-height living room. With it is a magnificent floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace and a large spiral staircase. Light pours into the spacious area from skylights.

Each of the two master suites in the luxurious residence has a separate balcony in each of the two master suites. Further, there is a zen yoga studio, 10 baths, a massage room, and a gym for wellness. There are also four extra guest bedrooms.

The media room has guitars and records on its walls and a sunken sitting area that is a peaceful location to work on new ideas. It is the ideal setting for the singer-songwriter to create new hits without ever leaving the house.

Selena can record new songs whenever the mood strikes in her beautiful home, designed for a pop diva with a vocal booth. Nevertheless, Selena Gomez visit to Kenya made her sense that this is an ideal second home.

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