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Ghanaian Graduate Mistaken for an Adult Film Actor in US

Nana kwame Opoku
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A story is told of ambition and opportunities in the West but it is not always as it looks and bad company can ruin a country’s good name. Here is an interesting story. For four years, Ghanaian Nana Kwame Opoku studiously pushed his dream of earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of  Ghana. Years after graduating in 2016, he became an online sensation following reports that he turned into an adult film star in US.

In fact, 2019 saw the release of one of his films, which got a mix of love and detest from various quarters in the society. For a Business Administration graduate to take on this path still baffles many people to date but it is unforgettable. However, he admits that it was a woman he was with who decided to share moments of their steamy sessions with the world and everyone concluded that he was into the business.

Nana Kwame Opoku Life

Up until 2019, he was little-known in Ghana but it took a rather bold, and weird decision to plaster his name across the interwebs in Ghana.  According to Yen Ghana, 2019 thrust Kwame to infamous fame courtesy of his exploits in the US.

Nana Kwame Opoku

Film making. Photo/SpunOut

He appeared in an X-rated film and people quickly joined one and two to his immigration to the US years before. The ex-student of the University of Ghana left Ghana for greener pastures in the U.S. Incidentally, he hooked up with a twilight girl known in the US adult film industry and she leaked a video of their private moment.

The leaked 2019 adult film raked in at least $50,000 according to sources.

How Did Ghanaians React to One of Their Own in The Adult Film Industry in the US?

Many said that delving into such an industry was a bold decision for Nana Kwame Opoku. They explained that it was easier for him to join this film sector because it bothers no one in the US where he lives because the social setting is quite liberal. Back home though, it elicited sharp reactions. Understandably, Africa is a little reserved but there are those who lauded him.

Before he explained the circumstances that made him appear in such a film, Ghanaians had a field day on Twitter saying he did what was best to earn an honest living abroad. Here are a few tweets.

Celebrity blogger Ameyaw Debrah (@ameyaw112 )wrote: “I’m impressed lol”.

@mamaVeeCandy was concerned with the monetary benefits. “At least he’s gonna get paid”.

@soulja_boy027 posted a photo of a kitchen stool with the caption, “Low key next video Nana Kay for use the ultimate weapon.”

@SamuelAbbey commended him for “Flying the flag of high and getting paid 5 racks as well. Man, you’re winning in life.”

Did Nana Kwame Opoku Act in Adult Films?

nana kwame Opoku US

A parental guidance sign in film. Photo/Number 8

Coming from a pretty reserved African tradition, Nana Kwame Opoku came out to trash news of his joining the unpopular film sector in the US. He spoke following days of  Ghanaians reacting to his exploits beyond the African skies.

According to the former Legon student, he is pursuing other interests in the US. As for the 2019 film, he explained that he paid a Twilight girl who is famous in adult films and they both had a good time which she recorded and it went viral.

“Story is I paid to….we recorded via webcam and she posted it. Someone just found the video online and started making these stories up” he explained. He, however, added that it was a hard lesson learnt and it’s definitely a mistake he is not willing to repeat again.

“Not my job; I made a mistake last year and learned my lesson,” he says apologetically.

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