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With more than 40 beer tastings, Nairobi’s Beer Festival Is The Unifying Factor

With more than 40 beer tastings, Nairobi's Beer Festival Is The Unifying Factor
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Beer is one of the few things that will bring sworn enemies under one roof. Its charisma is quite a power to reckon with.

In Kenya, a country with  42 tribes, the Beer Festival held every year in the capital Nairobi is an important tool of unity as much as it is respected by revellers who get to taste an array of beer brands during the festival.

Beer Festival is an annual three-day event held from September 6 – September 8. Each year, the festival is held at a different location within the vicinity of the city bringing about 40 different types of beer on the table. Craft and draft beers are common during the event as well as Lager and Ale. Other types of beer from all over the world are also available.

The event is coupled with tasty bites and music. In 2019 Beef Festival held at the Alchemist in Nairobi, ticket prices went for between Ksh 1,500 – 4,500 (US$15-45). The ticket comes with 40 beer tastings, a branded glass of beer, sweets, tortilla chips and Tahini dips. For VIP tickets ($45), you get to enjoy a secluded chill-out zone, a gift hamper from Sandstorm, a set of beer glasses and the best of gourmet tastings.

On the first day of the festival, an industry event is held in the afternoon while the second and third day, the event is opened to the public from noon to 8 pm.

“Riveting is what the Beer Festival is,” Charles Mwangi, a big lover of the event says with a flashy smile.

“This is the place where you can actually feel the pride and sense of belonging as a Kenyan. The beer and the activities that come with it are so amazing and you just forget the hustles that come with life. It is truly a good feeling and thanks to the organizers,” he adds.

Live bands and performances by the top names in the entertainment industry grace this event and spread their charm too.

[Video by Kenneth Bonyo]

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