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Why Ugandan Rolex Chapati is Famous

Ugandan Rolex Chapati Festival
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Whenever you mention food while in Kampala, the Ugandan rolex chapati quickly comes to mind. It is a famous, and respected street food in Kampala.

While there are other popular street foods in Uganda, none of them beats the great taste of the rolex chapati. This street food holds a lot of significance in Uganda.

But, why is it so popular?

What is Ugandan Chapati Rolex?

Ugandan chapati rolex is an omelet with eggs and vegetables rolled into a circular roll of unleavened bread known as ‘chapati’. It is truly one of the best foods in the world.

Ugandan Rolex Chapati

Ugandan Rolex Chapati. Photo/Julius Mutaawe

The chapati was brought to East Africa by sea from West India. Chapati is now an important part of the food culture in East Africa.

The African version of chapati has a crispy outer layer because it is sprayed with oil. This, along with the flaky moist inside, makes it different from the Indian version.

How Do You Make a Ugandan Chapati Rolex?

This sumptuous meal is easy, and simple to prepare. All you need are eggs, tomatoes, onions, coriander and cabbages.

You mix all of them together in a bowl while oil heats on a pan. You then pour it on the pan to cook and place chapatti on top.

After the omelet is cooked to your liking, roll it and enjoy! You now have your Ugandan chapatti rolex?

There steam coming from the eggs, softens the chapatti, thereby making it easier to roll.

Where Did Ugandan Chapati Rolex Originate?

The Ugandan Chapati rolex origin remains unconfirmed but, there is a common story about it all.

It goes that the rolex traces its origin to a famous chapati seller named Sula, who lived in Busoga, a region in eastern Uganda.

Sula was most likely the first person to mix chapati with scrambled eggs, thereby yielding the famous Ugandan chapatti rolex.

He may have been inspired by the fact that students were always looking for a cheap and quick meal that could be eaten while they were going about their day.

The snack became very popular at Makerere University in Kampala due to its huge population, and embrace by the varsity’s community.

How is the Ugandan Chapati Rolex Celebrated?

If you thought this was just another pass-by street food in Uganda, you are in for a big surprise.

People from all over Uganda, and outside Uganda come to the Kampala Rolex Festival, which is held every year.

There are those who add chicken to further the flavour. Others add grated cheese or vegetables like bamboo shoots, to the rolex but it remains authentically Ugandan.

Although the food festival focuses on rolexes, there are also other roadside snacks like mandazi and samosas. They are Indian pastries filled with minced meat.

Ugandan Rolex Chapati

Ugandan Rolex Chapati. Photo/Start Your Own Gold Mine

At the Entebbe Tourism Festival in 2018, eight chefs made the world’s longest Ugandan chapatti rolex. It was 17.7 feet long. In total, they used 100 eggs to finish the project.

The festival is behind the popular saying ‘we don’t wear it, we eat it’.

Six year after the official launch of the festival, the snack was incorporated as tourists’ culinary delight in Uganda.

You will find the chapati rolex across many Ugandan restaurants, and homes. It also gained a lot of international attention after international media outlets such as BBC and CNN highlighted it.

So, the next time you are in Uganda, make celebrate with locals the sweetness of the delicacy that is a Ugandan chapatti rolex. Better still, try it at home.

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