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Meet Sueh Owino, the TikTok Chef Who Has Won Many Hearts

Sueh Owino
Written by Abraham Odhiambo

If you like scrolling on TikTok, you must have come across “I cook for my husband every day” trend started by Sueh Owino. The vibrant TikToker has won the hearts of many Kenyans with her cooking skills as she prepares delicious meals for her husband.

When Sueh started creating videos, the majority of her fans were men, who eagerly shared her content hoping their wives or girlfriends would prepare meals like her. Sueh has become synonymous with the song ‘Shetani’ by Tanzanian bongo musician Mbosso and the late Costa Titch since she uses it it most of her videos. The song happens to be the favourite of Sueh and it is fair to say many ladies on TikTok may not appreciate coming across it.

Sueh Owino Biography And Daily Life

Sueh Owino’s real name is Susan Owino and she was born on 23 January 199′. She is a Kenyan in her early 20s and a Gen Z Christian wife. During an interview with The Standard, Sueh refused to give away her exact age for fear of judgement from Kenyans online. Nevertheless, her youthful spirit can be seen in her shy demeanour, petite frame, youthful face and brace.

Sueh’s typical day involves waking up and ironing her husband’s clothes before doing anything else. She then prepares breakfast from the delightful options they have chosen for the week. After her husband leaves for work, she cleans up and heads to her duck farm where she does cleaning and feeding the ducks.

Sueh Owino

TikTok star Sueh Owino. Photo/ YouTube.

Since Sueh is often alone at home during lunch, preparing what to eat is usually not a hectic task. But come evening, she has to prepare something delicious for her husband.

The cooking maverick has garnered a large following in her TikTok page, thanks to her culinary exploits that has the internet buzzing. In almost all her videos, Sueh records herself preparing different meals for her husband and has so far created more than 360 episodes.

Who Is Sueh Owino’s Husband?

Popular Kenyan TikToker Sueh started the challenge “I cook for my husband every day” on 13 October 2022. But unfortunately, she has never posted the face of her husband, who she clearly loves very much. This has made many Kenyans who want to see Sueh’s husband very curious.

Sueh and her husband live in their own little haven in a leafy suburb in Kikuyu. The couple have been married for less than three years and Sueh performs her duties as a good Christian wife.

Sueh Owino

Sueh Owino’s husband remains unknown. Photo/ Tuko News.

“I’ve been married for less than three years now, and that’s when I started cooking for my husband every day. I want to start off by saying that submission is not slavery. The Bible says a wife must submit to her husband, and in return, the husband must love his wife. It’s a partnership where both sides hold up their end of the bargain. For me, that means cooking and ironing every day, just to name a few tasks. It’s as simple as waking up and doing what I’m supposed to be doing – nothing more, nothing less.” Sueh Owino told The Standard.

Apart from cooking, Sueh also does other interesting things for her husband. In one of her videos, the TikTok star is captured tenderly massaging her husband, whose identity remains concealed. The video got the attention of many netizens, with some appreciating her while others using the opportunity to continue trolling her. One can conclude that the trolls make Sueh consistently excel in taking care of her husband as she continues to release new videos.

Rise To Fame

Sueh started her content creation by recording videos of her husband arriving from work. She would lovingly take off his shoes and then serve him dinner. But as days went by, she shifted her attention to cooking delicious meals for her husband.

Sueh has now became very famous with her videos garnering hundreds of thousands of views. What began as innocuous videos capturing her everyday homemaking activities has swiftly evolved into a national discourse on gender roles.

In one of her most viral videos, Sueh Owino took a staggering 29 hours to prepare a meal for husband. She begins the video with the introduction, ‘You remember when my husband wanted me to make something organic? Well, here we go!’ Sue then goes on to prepare the meal.

Sueh Owino

Kenyan TikTokerSueh preparing a meal for her husband. Photo/ Citizen Digital.

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