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Top 5 cheapest restaurants in Zanzibar

Top 5 cheapest restaurants in Zanzibar
Written by See Africa Today

What comes to mind upon the mention of the name Zanzibar? Vacation, honeymoon or leisure?  Well, there is more to Zanzibar than just the warm island beaches and top-of-the-range hotels.

Despite being a deeply cultured Swahili state, Zanzibar’s cuisine is a mixture of various culinary traditions, including Bantu, Arab, Portuguese, Indian, British and Chinese. All over the island, different establishments are offering authentic Swahili dishes but if you are on a budget, these are the best places to enjoy Zanzibar’s food culture.

Archipelago Café Restaurant

Since its opening in 2004, Archipelago Café Restaurant in Stone Town, Zanzibar has wowed many with delicious and affordable meals. With $5, you will get a variety of meals to choose from including well-done fish, grills, seafood curries, pilau and burgers. Its balcony overlooks the Indian Ocean making it a popular spot for lunches.

Buni Café

For the best sandwiches, toasted bread, freshly-blended juices, salads, coffee, smoothies and cakes, Buni Café near Forodhani Gardens got you covered for as little as $2. You can enjoy your brunch, elevenses or afternoon tea on the terrace and watch the passing scene.

Camlurs Restaurant

A stroll in Stone Town will often lead you to Camlurs Restaurant where lovers of Goan cuisine meet. Coconut curry, pilau, fish are Camlurs’ speciality for $3. This establishment also serves other African foods such as chapati, Ugali, grilled/fried meat and has been around for decades ran by a Swahili women group in a garden square.

Dolphin Restaurant

Good news for vegan and seafood lovers! Dolphin restaurant is popular for its tasty Zanzibari vegetables and seafood which has been in trade with for decades. You can enjoy all this for just $4. 

Radha Food House

Radha in English loosely translates to “taste” and true to its name, Radha Food House has a weakness in preparing an array of sumptuous meals. It offers special Indian vegan dishes but it is well known for its Zanzibari dishes such as paneer curry, samosas, thali made of rice, lentils, okra, roti, popadum and lassi for only $4.

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