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Healthy Snacks to try it while visiting Ghana

Healthy Snacks to try it while visiting Ghana
Written by See Africa Today

Arguably, they subscribe to the school of thought that most of the snacks are a precipitate to weight gain but these rules do not apply in Ghana, a bubbly West Africa country.

Ghanaians love for snacks is immeasurable and very different. Usually, most of its snacks are made from whole products such as yams and cassava. These are some of the best snacks in Ghana:

Fried Yams

Fried Yams

Yam and fish. [Photo by Armenyl]

Yams are very nutritious although they contain a high number of calories. They are a big part of traditional Ghanaian food prepared in different ways but for snacks, they are peeled, boiled and then deep-fried until crispy. They are then served with sprinkles of hot chilli. In some cases, they are served with meat or chicken dishes.

Nkatie Cake

Nkate Cake

Nkate cake [Photo by Pinterest]

“Tasty”, is the first word you utter after having a bite of Nkatie cake – a Ghanian snack made up of wheat, butter, peanuts and sugar. Those with a sweet tooth enjoy the copious amounts of sugar in this cake.



Kelewele [Photo by Demand Africa]

Kelewele is a fried plantain dish. Plantains are preferred in this part of the world due to their low sugar content. They are diced and seasoned with spices and deep-fried in oil. Across all snacks shop in Ghana, Kelewele’s taste differs as they use different spices for seasoning.


Just call it a Ghanian doughnut but a special case in that is it laced with sweet spices, shaped into balls and deep-fried in oil. This is optional though as some prefer it without any spices. While some prefer to eat is as a dessert, others like it as an accompaniment with rice.

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