5 Places In Kampala You Can Have Mouthwatering Steak

Places In Kampala For Mouth Watering Steak
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The power of steak cannot be underscored enough in the African cultural setting and the population in Kampala, Uganda is a heavy consumer of this sumptuous delicacy.

The presence of state-of-the-art steakhouses in Uganda’s capital Kampala is a testament that steak is a delicacy loved by many. The presence of meat prepared in different ways is a strong statement in any given celebration. It is a big part of African heritage.

In Kampala, Uganda’s capital, there are several steakhouses reputable for the greatness they bring on the plate just before you. Besides serving great steak, these restaurants boast the best architectural designs. Here they are.

The Lawns Restaurant

The Lawns Kampala

The Lawns Restaurant. [Photo: thelawns_kla]

The Lawns Restaurant is one of the giants in this sector. Sitting at lower Kololo in the heart of Kampala, The Lawns exudes a deep British undertone starting from its architectural feel and service making it unique in so many ways. Unlike other steakhouses with only ample space to host visitors as they dine, The Lawns extends its glamour to views of a beautifully landscaped golf course sandwiched in the urban landscape of Kampala.

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This establishment is surrounded by a lush green tropical garden that’s elevated by a variety of tantalizing African meat dishes including beef, mutton, chicken among others. Notably, if you have a fetish for game meat, you should consider dining at The Lawns.

On matters of steak, the BBQ Lounge and Garden are the real deal. Here, you enjoy African grilled steak locally referred to as “nyama choma”. The ‘Serengeti Platter’ is one of the most sought-after steaks at The Lawns. It is only right to mark it as the signature meat here!

The steak is juicy, tender and flavourful, a secret that has seen The Lawns continually prepare it with a fusion of local ingredients. It also has a British-themed bar and offers delicious dishes in spite of being a leading steakhouse in Kampala.

Prices range from $6 to $26, making it one of the most affordable high-end steakhouse joints in the city.

La Chateau

La Chateau Kampala

La Chateau Kampala. [Photo: Visit Kampala]

With inspiration from French cuisine, La Chateau in Kampala gives a steak with a French touch. It has a reputation for juicy organic meat cooked well and served with tasty accompaniments such as mashed potatoes. With a glass of exotic wine from vineyards in France, you savour the taste. It is not for the shallow pockets though; a plate of steak will cost between $5 and $13.

Kampala Smokehouse

Kampala Smokehouse

Kampala Smokehouse. [Photo: Courtesy]

If you salivate on tender meat, one that falls off the bone by itself, Kampala Smokehouse is a great place to be. Pocket-friendly, good ambience with excellent customer service, you get a tantalizing serving of your choice of steak. The meat is always smoking delicious. Pork ribs are glazed in sweetness that is hard to have enough of. There is the steak pizza that is a unique signature of this joint.

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The Carnival Restaurant

The Carnival Restaurant.
[Photo: thecarnivalrestaurant]

It is an absolute “meat festival” at the Carnival in Kampala. The barbeque comes sizzling hot straight from the grill and it never disappoints. For $10, you eat to your fill and in portions you desire. Carnival is popular among meat lovers who want nothing else but the great tastes of delicious steak from the countryside of Uganda.


Nothing goes down well than an enviable ambience coupled with a tasty meal. This is what Fuego in the vicinity of Kampala is all about. Cool, calm, excellent services make you enjoy a plate of magnificently done steak to the fullest. Steak is a top seller here. It goes off the traditional Uganda touch with a continental feel and taste that keeps you on the table for the rest of your time in Kampala.

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